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Discussion in 'History' started by Waspie, Sep 24, 2009.

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  1. This afternoon my boss says, " have you seen the new Tank Museum yet?"

    Nope says I.

    We acquired two concessionary tickets and had a few hours looking at the new displays. It has been many years since I was last there and boy has it changed for the better.

    I didn't know the Armour Corps roots were in the Royal Navy. The first tanks were land ships and under the command of the Admiralty. In fact one was HMLS ? - His Majesty's Land Ship whatever.

    Never too old to learn as they say.

    One of the old Mk 2 tanks was based at Whale Island until WW2. It has been donated to the Tank Museum. Evidently HMS Excellent trained the early tank crews gunnery!

    Worth a visit if in Darset!!!!!! Especially you AFCO types, it's only across the road from your RNSR.
  2. Is that the one near Monkey World?
  3. According to Wiki (link), the tank at Whaley was a Mk IV Male. I took this picture of Mk IV Male tank No. 102 at Bovington a few years ago and believe it is the only one of its kind in the collection.
    Mk IV Male tank at Bovington in 2003[/align]

    See also this video on YouTube. One of the comments states that Mk IV Male tank No. 102 was the previous HMLS Excellent so I assume the tank in the photo above is the same one.

    And yes, the museum is near Monkey World.
  4. It is and it was parked next to the parade ground in 70/71 when I was there, thy used to work on it most days.
  6. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Where do you think the Tankies come from?

    Tank Museum has been doing a massive rebuild thanks to Lottery cash, well worth a day out.
  7. Stand corrected on the Mark of tank but after the visit I was all Marked out!

    The lottery money not only went on the internal display area but was extended to making the outside viewing experience better by building a tall commentary tower and better facility for watching the tanks on display days. Tuesdays and Thursdays during peak season.

    And for the Woo's they even have a helicopter suspended from the roof. (Army Skeeter).
  8. I wonder if it was parked next to a MK IV Female, would they would mate? It would probably look like 2 Seychelles tortoises at it. Blue Peter could do a “specialâ€.
  9. Glad to have made your day but I couldn't be certain there was only one Mk IV Male tank there when I visited Bovington. I just happened to photograph No. 102. Certainly, there was only ever one tank of this kind at Whaley. :)
  10. Could someone enlighten me as to what constitutes a male, or indeed a female tank please?
  11. Simple answer is that the males were armed with cannon, normally six pounders, while the females were only fitted with machine guns.
  12. Thank you Sir.

    I bow to your superior knowledge of tankery.
  13. Thank you too, kind Sir. :)

    When I were a lad, my father let me play with his old clockwork-driven tinplate toy WW I tank that somehow shot sparks from its guns as it moved along. It also had a 'Tommy' who popped out of a hatch on top and fired his rifle before disappearing again. I wish I still had it. They go for hundreds, if not thousands, these days.
  14. I love old toys like that which would be banned these days due to health and safety. My pride and joy is my father's Mamod Steam Car which still runs perfectly. It is the same as the one below but with red wheels and it has 40 years worth of grime and heavy usage.

  15. The one 'tank' we couldn't find yesterday, and we spent a while looking for it, was;

    Grϋbbers' "little tank" from Allo Allo. :? :lol:
  16. Loosely related to the tank thing, I attended a meeting in the 'Wells Room' at Excellent yesterday and there is a very interesting (largely pictorial) history of Excellent from 1832 to 1945 within. This includes stuff about the tank, and also a rather quaint section about the zoo at Whaley in the early 30's.

    I'm no Naval historian as such, but it's good stuff, and I would imagine of great interest to any gunners.
  17. That's a bit unfair on the Goonery branch Guzz! 8O :lol:

  18. Blimey! I never knew that!

    I knew the cannons were adapted Naval guns but like you say, you learn something new every day.

    I've often driven past the Tank Museum but never had the chance to visit
  19. No it isn't! :D :D :D
  20. Ha! As I've said before - all due respect to you chaps.

    Just the walking up and down car parks that used to confuse me :tard:

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