learn language- extra pay?

I've heard u can earn extra pay by learning certain languages. Is this true?
Is it language and branch dependant? ie. will a sonar operator get extra pay for learning Welsh?
Certainly within the CT branch certain languages attract language pay (& certain languages do not). For CT's, they have to be employed in a job that utilises that language and have an annual assessment to continue the pay. Whether this applies to other branches of the RN though I don't know.
If you pass a military language exam you can be paid for it. That language has to be on the 'approved' list and is likely to get you boned off for tasks.

Welsh is not one of those languages.
This really should be under UPO as it's one of those type of questions.The payment isn't limited to certain branches whatsoever and is availiable for all personnel to do, if they so desire. To give you a quick overview:1) First apply through your education officer to undertake the Modern Languages Aptitude Test (MLAT)2) On successful completion and recording onto JPA as a competency, speak again to your education officer about what languages you can learn/get paid extra for. The ballpark ones are Russian, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), German, French, Spanish, Portugese, Pashto, Farsi, Arabic... basically any language that's of an Operational use will be on the official list.3) Undertake the exam and then get paid for it. You have to score at least 1 in speaking and listening to qualify for payment of the allowance.You need to speak to your local writer to pull up JSP 752 and look under Miscellaneous Allowances (If they need a hint, it's the last chapter). With the rates of allowances being under Chapter 1, Section 6. You'll see that there's an economy of scale and, the more specialist the language, the higher the pay. Off the top of my head, a Pashto specialist on Operations can earn an extra £20k per year. That's not withstanding any LSA (plus the extra 100 days added every third month over the "allowed" six month window). So you can be potentially be swimming in buckets of money, but you will get absolutely hammered in taxes. Consequently, if you spoke French, you would get around £500 as knowing French just isn't as relevant anymore.If you do decide to do an operational language, as Alfred says, you will get dicked for a lot of duties outside of your source branch and it could be a potential career fouler if you're outside the CT branch - so you may want to consider transferring to them. There's a lot of variables, so I do advise that you speak to the writers about the allowance and get the full chapter on it, plus the paid allowances section; but also speak to your chain of command and get more gen from them. They should speak to your branch manager for you about any potential benefits and disadvantages that it may affect.

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