Learn french aboard ship?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by FistFullOfNails, May 22, 2009.

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  1. Alright ship mates

    I'm off to Raleigh on the 27 Sept and at the mo I'm learning French is there any chance to learn this on ship. Or is it a rarity for someone to be fluent in French in the mob?

    It's nothing I cant live without but would be nice to carry on learning it in the Andrew.

    I'm going as an AET and hope to work on the Lynx or Harrier.
  2. What the fcuk? Right, I'm logging off for today because my sh1t is being gripped.
  3. FFS, Whats wrong with drinking and birds!
  4. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Haha,,,,,its all sign language these days. 2 fingers to the French and 1 to the Yanks.
  5. hahahaha I know drinking and birds is mint but hey if I can speak fluent French that means a whole other country is wide open for me to approach women at bars and get turned down!!
  6. Nowadays it's a rarity for people to be fluent in English, and I don't mean because of immigrants, but because that many fcukwits find it impossible to string a coherent verbal sentence together, let alone have the ability to put one in writing.

    Once you are onboard your ship you will be able to find time to study and the Navy will be able to provide some learning material but I would suggest that if you are already learning a language you will probably have the same or better books/Cds/DVDs than the mob can supply.

    Once you get to a certain standard in a foreign language you will have the opportunity to receive a financial bonus.
  7. You can do further education whilst in the RN. Either through the education centre or by distance learning when away from the wall/Airfield.

    I know other people who have learn't languages whilst away from the UK.

    So yes you should be able to complete it via one of the methods, after you have finished your Basic/specialist training.

    Profitez de votre nouvelle carrière dans la Marine



    PS you'll need someting to do as a WAFU to fill all those long and boring nights sat in Culdrose/Yeovilton. (Cum on bite)!!!!
  8. Vous êtes une chatte!
  9. Why do you want to go near garlick stinking, hairy armpited frog birds.

    Apart from Sarcozys (or however you spell it) Bint!
  10. If you're serious about learning a language, go for Spanish mate, slightly easier than French and much more useful. Better runs ashore as well IMHO.

    If you get to a high enough standard in any language, you can sit the MODLEB exam. If you pass, you'll be given a financial award. The amount of money you get depends on the langauge; Spanish and French are considered (rightly so) easier than Arabic or Chinese for instance, so you don't get quite as much for them, but there is a new scheme that will come in force in the autumn and the figures are quite generous.

    Boosts my salary by a fair bit :)
  11. fistfullofnailz....the names a bit of a give away nailz dont feed him
  12. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Deux pressions s'il vous plait
    Une pression pour moi et un vin pour ma copain
    Tu es tres jolie - est que tu veux coucher avec moi ce soir
    Mon aéroglisseur est plein d'anguilles

    All the phrases any matelot will need :)
  13. F/W

    est-ce que tu veux ........
  14. Apparently, Hig The Pig once shagged a French bird.
  15. Dew beers or un bowtail de vin rouge, si voo plate, John - all the French you need - always worked for me.
  16. I did consider that to be the case, but prepared to give the benefit of the doubt having seen many questions of this sort by newbies.
  17. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    je suis desole; je vous demnade votre pardon :)
  18. Thanks for the replies. That's incredibly awesome you get a bonus for being able to speak another language :)

    Just out of interest how much is the bonus? Just a couple of hundred I'm imagining.

    And no I signed up to this with a Rage against the machine lyric in mind... Didn't realise there was a jackass on here called Nailz that seems to spend his time making the Internet 5% less fun to surf.
  19. What man??! French women are stunning!

    Much better than the English birds in my town anyway, that run around drinking beer and munching kebabs and screaming at men that walk by


    Ok I'm exagerrating & stereotyping but still everyone has their preferences :p ...
  20. Learn the Following
    1.I surrender
    2.I was one of the 50 million fighters in the French underground athough I joined in 1946
    3.I hate the English for freeing my country twice
    4.I adore snails and frogs legs rather than a good Aberdeen Angus T-bone steak.
    Learn Spanish/Russian/Portugese that's were the future lies outside of the mob.
    My mate in the mob swotted up on Russian on board,met him 10 years after demob,he was fairly high up in the Government doing I don't know what, but I can guess.

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