Why not go back to rolling out a dozen leander frigates. Cheap as chips.Fill the gaps. No plans and will fullfill 90 % of R.Ns roll.
Based on what I've read, isn't the T23 a contemporary Leander? Inasmuch as it's a general purpose frigate?

Of course, we sold 3 of them to Chile anyway, but why not an incrementally upgraded T23 as a similar idea? Someone who actually knows about ships would have to fill in the details, and will doubtless tell me why it's not only a bad idea, but totally impossible :) But to an uneducated mind, they've got everything - Harpoon, Sea Wolf, 4.5" gun, torpedo tubes and a helicopter.

In fact, now I think about it, why don't we have more of these? Do we have a new ASW class analogous to the T45 coming into service? If we did - one of those, one T45 and a pair of "super-23s" as a carrier escort group. What's not to like?

Note: I am not a naval man (yet), so the above post may be absolute balls. Reply accordingly :)
Fukc that for a game of stokers.

Much happier punching buttons in an air conditioned SCC than punching sprayers in a boiler room.

And the NAAFI queues were shorter on a T23.
Passed-over_Loggie said:
Has QuinetiQ stopped buggering around with multihulled wonder-ships yet? Just single hull and lots of them would be rather nice.

Yes, eventually the penny dropped that if you knock a big hole in said multihulled wonderships sponsons with something that goes bang, said wondership can't counterflood without taking on an ungodly amount of water.

All that stability has it's price
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