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Lean and unwashed Tiffy

Not sure where to put this, but as dear old Cyril is dead and gawn now (ex-REA2 on subs) I thought I'd put this here.

Invite me to a Sod's Opera and I'll sing it to ya....

The Lean and Unwashed Tiffy
(Cyril Tawney)

I'm a lean and unwashed tiffy
I come up from Plymouth Town
I can fix it in a jiffy
If you'll hand that spanner down
If you'll hand - that spanner down.

Portland girls are raving beauties
'Specially in the summer time
They make you curse these week-end duties
Making love to grease and grime
Making love - to grease and grime.

I kissed her standing, kissed her lying,
And I called her "turtle-dove"
If she'd had wings I'd have kissed her flying
That's the way I won my love
That's the way - I won my love.

She left me for a wardroom chappie
She said "He's the better man"
He needs wine to keep her happy;
All I drink is Black-and-Tan
All I drink - is Black-and-Tan.

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