Leading Seaman Gordon Cleaver

Discussion in 'History' started by 21_Man, Nov 15, 2008.

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  1. RIP very brave man!
  2. IMO LS Cleaver BEM should have got the George Cross at the very least instead of the BEM Or is the British Empire Medal worth more?

    I am sure LS Cleaver was not looking for medals when he carried out those actions.

    RIP Leader.
  3. God Bless Shippers, RIP.
  4. A cracking read and gobsmacked that he was only awarded a BEM. Dropping an unexploded shell over the side is worth more on its own.

    I suppose its too late to petition for something better?

  5. Back then he was fortunate to receive even a BEM. This medal was awarded, quite properly, to Long-serving Caretakers and Dinner Ladies.
    How it came to be awarded to a 20 year old for such fortitude, equating his devotion to duty to that of a long-serving dust-man , continues to anger me.
    I had been injured a week or so earlier before ML1323 was attacked.
    Lying in some comfort on the terrace of RNH Hong Kong overlooking the harbour I remember the alarm when the dead and alive of 1323 were brought in. What a sight they were The dead were dead, but the survivors appeared to have been shot at close range by an old-fashioned blunderbus.
    They were in a terrible state.
    Surg Cmds Pearson and Mc Clintock ( a later Admiral?) worked wonders to save them.
    Leading Seaman Cleaver completed his Leaving Routine with just one medal ribbon on his number ones. The BEM
    How many would he have had today?

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