Leading naval airmen(student pilots) 1940 Hms ST Vincent

After gaining their wings at Netheravon, flying Fairey Battles ,for fighter pilots. Hawker Harts ,for Bomber pilots. They went on a weeks leave as a LNA. Re joining as . Over 21 Temporary Sub. Under 21 Temporary Act Sub. Under 20 Temporary Middy :salute: :angel4:
Seaweed said:
Some FAA aircrew trained in Canada and at Pensacola in the US.
This was known as the Towers Scheme. Set up by Admiral Towers USN. Initially planned to train 30 pilots a month for the FAA.and another 100,mainly flying boat crews, for the RAF :salute:


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The wooden wheels of memory clank round another two positions .. a book by Richard Hough ('One Boy's War', Heinemann 1975) in which he describes doing his flying training in California and hobnobbing with film stars etc. (Gee don't you just lurve that Limey accent).
Pay for a LNA student pilot ,was 6s 6d a day of which 3s 6d was flying pay. Cigarettes cost 6d for ten and a half pint was 6d :wink: :wink:

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