Leading Hands and Corporals Mess @ Culdrose

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by wavydavynavy, Jun 14, 2007.

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  1. What is the general concensus on a LH's and Cpl's Mess? We have just been told that from July 1st we will all have to pay £5 per month for the privelige of having the same old Tavern Bar. No option of not paying. We have to pay otherwise there is a fine of £2.50 per month overdue.

    Surely if RNAS Yeovilton can run their Hookies mess without taking money each month, then why can't Culdrose?

    Can they really get away with this?

    Any comments or suggestions greatly appreciated.
  2. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Rank also comes with responsability, Could have stayed firmly rooted to the bottom of the ladder like I did... :biggrin:
  3. What has legalised theft of £ 5 got to do with responsibility, imposition of a policy by command, yes . The money goes to finance the continued subsidised alcoholism of a few who should be in the gym in the evenings. Undertaking remedial phys in the own time not the mobs, so that they are able to pass their RNFT, withhold 5% of their wages until they can pass, with monies going into the sports fund.
  4. I would be unhappy were I in a blue suit, however I have had to contribute substantially greater sums in Council Tax and pension contributions towards those who can father children and marry. The pension provision has only changed because I've left the old civil service scheme and now pay for a scheme more suited to my needs (and non-discriminatory)! Think of it as a tax on the privilege of being stationed at Culdrose! :biggrin:
  5. Ask them to quote where it says you HAVE to pay £5 a month. Who elected the committee to decide on this?
  6. Suggestion probably came from:

    a) A killick singly who lives on board with a drink problem.

    b) A killick with his papers raised, (who puts his promotion, above the opinions of his colleagues)

    c) A thrusting lieutenant who just wants to get noticed.

    All shit reasons, but another straw to break the camels back which may tip some over the edge to notice/termination (the principle not the fiver)
  7. I think we need to entice Rosie to visit this thread and offer her expert legal advice.... free of course! :biggrin: Perhaps you might like to raise it in the chatroom when Rosie's next visiting?
  8. I know exactly where your coming, I had three years at JSSU(Cyprus) in a so called Tri-Service mess with a non-elected RSM running it, mess bills were crazy. Even had three line whips for mess dinners that we had to pay for. That was until the matelots and a few RAF kicked up a major stink at a mess meeting and it all changed. Something like that has to be agreed to, if enough of you kick up stink I doubt it will happen. it can't be reflected in your write up, if it is you have the right to complain. I imagine you can't be forced to join a JR's mess and pay a monthly subscription. Fair enough when your a SR and you have to pay mess fees, you get perks in return, such as a very cheap bar not run by the SPAR or whoever has the contract, heavily subsidised mess dinners/balls and free function/theme nights with scran thrown in. If you do get that lot for a fiver (which I doubt) then its got to be well invested!!!
  9. Senior Rates pay mess fees. Right, i was at Culdrose for seven years, and the Taven Bar is an shit shack. Question(s) Has it been improved at all? If so, is it clean? are the heads better? Is there a good selection behind the bar. Are the staff dedicated to the responsibility of running a bar?

    I agree with mess fees for LH/CPL's 'ONLY' if above are met correctly. Perks come with rate/rank. The RN are trying (bless em) to ensure LH/CPL's are reconised more. AB's nowa days have to be showen that there is a rank stucture in the RN. AB's feel they are owed. They have to earn. The perk is in their faces every day to become a LH.

    Slightly diversed then.

    The bottom line is matelots drip. The mob eventually listen, then some thing gets done. 99% of the time behind our backs. How ever they try and matelots STILL drip.

    This is a never ending snag - above is my thoughts and opinion.

  10. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    The LH/Cpl's mess is in reality a members club. In civvy street if you join a "club" ie. RBL, cricket club etc there are fees due. In return for this you normally get subsidised beer etc.

    The key difference though is in civvy street you have a choice to join or not, in the mob you dont, you are expected to pay. If you dont use the facility except when ordered into it by say the RSM for a meeting then you have a fair drip, if you use it, even to get a pasty and a pint of milk then you are using the facility so would be expected to pay for its upkeep I would have thought.
  11. The question i would ask is what am i getting for my £5?, who administers the sum of money? and who decides where it is spent?.

    If the money is going into a pot for LHs functions and providing you with a better quality of life then i wouldnt have a problem, but if its going on things you never see the benefit off thats where i would drip.
    As Senior Rates we have to belong to a mess and pay mess fees iaw QRRNs but i dont ever remember seeing it written that LHs have to.
  12. Its called moving with the times shipmate...
  13. Five pounds a month is not a lot. But it's more than the S/R's pay in HMS Drake IF they pay the annual amount up front. In addition, S/R's pay mess fees because it states in QR's that they have to belong to a mess and pay fees. I would consider questioning the legality of this, sensibly and carefully. Check establishment standing orders - double check QR's for any reference of JR's having to pay a monthly mess fee. Do your research and then raise the issue at a committee meeting or whatever. Professional or whatever, living in the times etc...doesn't wash. Is it legal? Personally, I don't like the sound of it. I also don't like the smell of it...it stinks.
  14. I have started to look into the legalities of this and found a few things out.

    The QR's do not have any provision for a LH's mess. We have a CTM which states the mess will be run in accordance with the SR's mess rules in QR's until an amendment is made.

    At the moment I am checking everything out in the proper manner IAW the Divisional System. Not going to go in with all guns blazing with only half the facts and then look like a right nozzer! I started this thread to get a general feeling and also for any suggestions. And if you belong to a LH's mess what do you pay (if at all) and what do get for your money.
  15. HMS EDINBURGH has a leading hands rec space with their own TV fridge etc, it's run on the same bases as a SR's mess. It is a reward for them as they are now more empowered and as such reap the benefits of a NCO.

    Mess fee's are just part of naval life I'm afraid. I'm in a watch keeping billet therefore only use the mess 2 weeks out of every month I still pay full subs, life in a blue one.

    Remember you only get out of the mess, what you put in.
  16. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    I'm in a tri-service mess-I pay treble what most Naval messes pay and I get nothing in addition to a Navy mess.

    If you feel that strongly about it now, what are you going to be like if you get drafted to a tri-service mess and your mess bill is bigger than your mobile phone bill every month even if you're a watchkeeper and only go in there for meals?
  17. I experienced the same in a Tri-Service mess at JSSU(Cyprus) along with the other 13 matelots out there (in addition to 180 RAF and 180 Army). Some of us queried this and apparently the Army are into "Extra messing" which entailed having orange juice on the table during breakfast etc! I didn't have a say if I wanted orange juice at breakfast! Oh and even the mess members who lived in the quarters had to pay for it too!!!
  18. I know what you mean Matelot, currently at Northwood £10 a month.
    Mind you it's a nice mess, the trouble with the place is that it is mainly made up of watchkeepers, so it's dead most of the time. Previous shore base was Poole, brilliant mess.
    I have heard of nightmare situations when the mob first went to Corsham, as the army ran the mess and there where quite a few run ins with the Prez from the Navy members. I think they take it in turns as it's now tri-service of mess prez.
  19. That never happened in JSSU(Cyprus) as the RSM was the Mess Pres by appointment!
  20. speak to your messpres, hims and another guy came over here (collingrad) for our first anual celebration of the leading rate (1853 i know) we were all bouncing ideas off each others comitees, here however we already have a well established mess and do not ask for mess fee's as we have good support, other bases however said how they were finding it difficult to find support and funding, is this temporary thing or permanent?

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