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Hi. My name is Liam and im 16. Im currently studying an ICT course at my local college. I have decided after my course I would quite like to join the RFA. I have found 2 roles which appeal to me the most. LEADING HAND SUPPLY CHAIN (RFA) and SEAMANSHIP APPRENTICE (RFA). I was hoping that somebody on here who works in these branches could help me by giving me a little bit of information on what you do in your role. Thank you very much
Do you like driving ships , shooting guns and being outdoors in all weathers and painting more then you have ever painted in your life ? Then seaman apprentice.

Do you like doing stores and sitting in a office all day? Supply chain. BUT to join as a leading hand supply chain you need more qualifications and experience with stores and warehouse management. So you most likely have to go in as a steward appreciate and end up fluffing pillows all day...
I am keen on applying for the role of leading hand supply but I don't have the GCSE'S that are needed. I am retaking my GCSE'S in September. I do have equivalent to C'S in both maths and English does anyone know whether or not the RFA would accept this ? :)

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