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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by jacktro, Jul 10, 2008.

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  1. Hi im doing a school project on the navy and am wondering how long from joining it roughly takes too become a ''Leading Hand"
    thanks Jon- Trinity Academy.
  2. If you're not up to taking responsibility..... never! Mind you as ratings join as ABs these days it won't be too long before the basic rank in the RN will be LH! :lol:
  3. All depends on branch. (and dare i say.... yes i dare sex)
  4. ''If you're not up to taking responsibility..... never!''

    im 14yrs old and the only responsibility ive ever had, is to make my bed in the morning and get back in it at night!!!
    p.s. i did not understand the rest of your answer....thx anyway
  5. Danny...
    (and dare i say.... yes i dare sex)
    im male so i take it thats better... :thumright:
    im interested in the engineering technician(wepons)
    i dont need an exact lenth of time,to the nearset year would do!
  6. Have you considered joining up as a powder monkey?
  7. "Have you considered joining up as a powder monkey? "

    have you considered going back north and becoming a FARMER?
  8. theirs another thread somewhere on air traffic controllers. Start to L/H 2 yrs approx :thumright:
  9. You're 14? well good on yer, first rule of naval banter is speed of response, 2nd rule - rule 1 applies to all situations. I'm sure you'll do fine in the RN. Time taken to get to Leading Hand really varies, but most important variant is you, how keen are you, how hard you push yourself, and how the Chain of Command perceives you. Good luck with your project and your future life in the mob if you decide to join
  10. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    [quote="jacktro"]"Have you considered joining up as a powder monkey? "

    have you considered going back north and becoming a FARMER?[/quote]

    LMAO,,,, :thumright:

    If joining as a ET(WE) ,I have no idea what the training lengths of Part1 & 2 training, but if you say you join a ship/boat within 9 months to a year. Depending on yourself, the next year or two spent qualifying and gaining experience. Do your LH's exam/taskbook, pass it. Enter your (promotion??) year, pass a leadership course, pass your professional course and bingo you get your hooks.

    All depends on yourself, branch shortages, spared to go on course. I would if you join up, the first target is LH, find out the the hurdles to jump. I would say you should be looking to have at least passed for LH by year 5 in the navy or your dragging arse these days. Good luck in the future.
  11. thanks for the info boys,i thought i would get some stick for being young on this forum but i gave as good as i could.... :thumright:

    im 15 next week and im hoping to get in a year later.
    im not looking to get the hooks as fast as possible,needed the info for the project to show how to progress in a naval career.
    cheers Jon
  12. You could always join up then volunteer as a REGGIE :evil:

    Then you'd get promoted to an LH (Leading Hand) very quickly.

    AN AB means Able Bodied. In the olden days, long, long ago (Scouse remembers those days well.... ;) ) most ratings joined the Andrew as Juniors (aged 15) spent a year in a grim concentr..... I mean training establishment and emerged well trained, able to wash their kit, brush their teeth and eat soap. When they were 17.5 or a little older they would be rated as OD (Ordinary Duties) and might then rise to the lofty height of AB. These days recruits join as ABs!!! o_O

    PS: I'm DB.....

    ...Deranged Being! :biggrin:
  13. Come on then serving matelots give the lad an answer, and I too

    When I was in it depended on the number of points on the roster
    as in LRO (G) 3195 POINTS five years from joining if passed professionally and some chief has gone to the big wt station in the sky
    LRO (W) roster dry no points, instant on passing professionaly could be two years or less
    LRO (T) 2785 POINTS four years from joining if passed professionally and some chief flag wagger has gone to hell

    Leading Cook never as no one has ever passed professionally hardest exams in the mob as no one has passed yet :)

    What is the modern RN like, points rosters, passed exams (surely you can not have seventeen leading hands and two AB's if all have passed professionally)

    Jack McH
  14. Quality reply mate and had me rolling around. :thumright:

    To answer your question. It depends on many things really, but the average is around 2-3 years currently in the majority of branches. A lot will depend on YOU and how you get to grasp with your job and also how your superiors view you as leadership material.

    If you work hard enough and impress, then your reports will be forwarded to the 'promotion' board and they will then 'select' the best candidates. This does not always mean you will be automatically selected even if you are doing very well on your ship and receiving strong reports. It is up to the board and how many gaps they need to fill. Very Strong and Strong will normally see you being selected, but not always.

    Hope this has helped a bit.

    Good luck bud.
  15. Comparing your response with the feeble responses from some serving members on this forum you could well be too good for the modern day Andrew.
  16. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Danny, could you please give examples where gender affects promtion in mixed gender branches?

    Granted there was discrimination a 17 years back (Sept 1990) when rapidly establishing a female seagoing rank structure, but I was genuinely unaware there was still sex discrimination with regard promotion prospects as there are no longer mixed rosters.

    If people feel aggrieved because someone of the opposite gender has been promoted ahead of them, it could just be that they happen to be the person best suited.

    I'm not disputing your statement, merely curious where you feel this still applies.
  17. Ninja,

    I could tell of you at least 3 females I know in my branch who have managed to jump the queue so to speak purely because of their gender and NO, I am not being bitter and twisted, just honest. One of them is a complete waste of oxygen and yet made it to WO1.

    No names, but I reckon most communicators on here know 'exactly' whom I refer to. ;-)
  18. I can also think of a couple of examples that have no good reason for promotion, so it's a reasonable assumption the promotion was down to gender. On the other hand I know of many men who have been promoted, prompting gasps of incredulity from many. I have a feeling that apparently unjustified promotions are merely more noticable because of the relative numbers of men and women in various branches.

    Who knows. By the book the promotion system should be fair and unbiased. In my opinion the service is too small for that to be the case, a board is unlikely to be faced with a decision around exclusively unknown people, so I think nthere are quite a number of intangible aspects which it's difficult to mitigate for.

  19. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    :thumright: Believe it or not I think I know the one you refer to, but again, I'm not categorically convinced that someone was promoted purely because of their gender rather than ability (professional or otherwise), but can understand the outward perception.

    When all's said & done the people promoted were recommended by someone else, most likelly of the opposite sex themselves.

    It's a bit like saying we only recruit good-looking males & females, but I can recall some notable exceptions - I still have nightmares, frankly...
  20. Karma and Ninja,

    Agree with your points and all I am saying is that IMHO some females have been promoted clearly to keep them and fellow servicewomen in the branch happy.

    A lot of the promotion wrangles and certain females being promoted in our branch came about due to an ex CWRNRS taking the MOD to court because she was not promoted when she thought she should have been. She won and received compensation of six figures and many of us could not believe it. Again no names.

    Like you, I do believe that all should be promoted on their abilities and I also agree that many males have been promoted when they didn't deserve to. They just had a well written report based on friendship rather than ability. ;-)

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