Leadership opportunities for an aspiring officer


Hello, I recently passed my SIFT interview and should be heading to AIB in the next few months. My interviewer said I need to work on gaining some more leadership experience and becoming more confident if I am to pass AIB and succeed as an Officer. I currently have a night job and have some leadership experience through that, but I need some more experience that help me to develop my skills and give me some more examples to use at AIB, and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for things that look good to AIB? I'd be happy to do some voluntary work as long as it could offer the leadership skills im looking for. Thank you.


Do you play any sports or involve yourself in any non-work groups or clubs?

Leadership is not always from the view of management positions, or employment, but your actions in adverse circumstances.

Have you ever needed to coordinate a group of people etc?

I would cautiously venture that a few months of volunteering may be unlikely to bestow a huge amount of leadership experience upon you.

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