Le Royal Navy?

Spin and hype piece designed to inflame the masses and garner support for the RN probably from a 'leaked' source, such as we've been seeing thousands of in the Telegraph for weeks.

Well played to the media team at Fleet...
There have been plenty of french ships in the RN before; granted mostly nicked/captured/copied, and plenty of french names as well.
I'm not certain that HMS Charles de Gaulle has quite the righ ring to it though.
Next they'll be wanting to take our Mars Bars, buy our harbours (Dover is up for sale and they already own Newhaven)..
Mon dieu will there be no end to this :roll:
Since it's on the noon news and our good Dr.Crippen [sorry Fox] is off over France to discuss it next week I think it's a done deal
Just like to put on record that,if we do end up sharing out aircraft carriers with the French then my next vote will be UKIP.
Are these so called Government Euro Sceptics,seriously trying to tell us that this move is not the first step for a EU Defence force?
This country makes me so angry at the weakness of the political establishment.I'd rather share the carriers with the Germans at least our backs would be safe!
If the Argies have another pop what will the French do if it's their turn for the carriers? Sell missiles then protect the carriers? The whole idea is stupid but I expect nothing more from our MP's.
I know,we'll make Lord Kinnock an Admiral and Mandy? well there will be a place for him amongst the French.

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