Lazy gits question !!

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by seanie88, Apr 1, 2009.

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  1. hi all sorry to be a bit lazy but i'm at work and can't exactly go threw 25 pages of a forum looking for my answer. :lol:

    so my Question is?!?

    Is there any one on here going for wepons engineer in the submariner's ??
    If so When ??

    my mate just has his PJFT to do and wants to know when he might be starting basic.

    many thnaks all !!
  2. Well you may be lazy but your mate is Bone Idle, tell him to look for himself :p

  3. :lol: He can't he hasn't got the internet lol

  4. I assume he's got legs so he can walk to the AFCO and ask them?
  5. If he cannot be bothered to look then he will have to wait until he joins Raleigh like the rest of us always did. Does he want someone to hold his hand then?
  6. You also assume he lives near an AFCO, I don't think I'd be up for walking to mine...30 miles away!
  7. He's asked the AFCO but They've given him not indication as to when it could be !!!

    i think he's stopped doing since he told me and a few other's we would be starting Feb time and it turned out to be May !!

  8. He managed to get there once before and, assuming once again, I'm sure they have telephones where he comes from?
  9. All depends on what trade hes going into
  10. Weapons engineer technician i think in the submariners
  11. Seanie

    Once he has done his Pre-Joining Fitness Test, the CA in the AFCO will put in a bid for a Basic Training place for him. Until this happens, it's anybody's guess. The CAs can't just shoehorn candidates into spaces themselves. Allocation is done by the staff who co-ordinate new entries down in Pompey.

    Your mate should concentrate on being as fit as possible for the PJFT.

    A rough guess, though, is that he will have started at HMS Raleigh by the time it closes for its summer break in August.
  12. Excellent i shall pass that on to him i think he's looking to do his PJFT next week at somepoint after work

    Many thanks for the Help :)
  13. Ring the AFCO and ask them what the waiting time is for his specific trade that'll give you a better idea.
  14. hi seanie..

    i am going in as a weapon engineer (submarines)

    i sat my pjft on fri 20th march.

    spoke to the afco yesterday who advised me he had spoke to the allocator and i was looking at sept 09 for the start of my basic training.

    hope this helps mate.
  15. If you're that lazy, why join the Navy? Does it sound like a lazy job?

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