Lazer Eye Surgery (LASEK) Experiances?

Hi I was curious about the experiences of RMC's who were considering or did get LASEK surgery.

I'd be interested in hearing experiences from those who both did and didn't go through with it.

If you did get the surgery
what was your experience?
did it go well or were you rejected from selection?
did you have any problems further down the line?
are you barred for selection from sight specific rolls like sniper despite meeting the requirements?
did you have any feeling that you were being unofficially restricted in terms of you're specialization or advancement?
did you have any issues like contrast and picking out targets during combat?
did dry eye every become an issue whilst on deployment?

If you didn't get the the surgery
did you find things weren't that bad?
how did it effect your progression?
how did it effect you during combat?
did you ever find yourself in situations where you wished you had got it?
such as maybe on patrol or in a combat situation?

Regarding myself
As for me I meet VA2 vision standards.
but I feel quite blind. I struggle in daily life without my glasses when it comes to reading signs or indeed seeing peoples facial expressions who are further than an arms length from me.
Eyesight obviously plays a vital part in terms of spotting dodgy looking people hostile aggressive facial expressions people on the horizon sneaking around or spotting things pocking out the ground that could indicate IED's. I admit such a big decision makes me nervous either way as I don't want to find out I made the wrong decision after I'm already locked in a sticky situation. So I feel asking peoples experiences may shed some light on some of my worries.

As far as I'm aware I've put this in the right thread but if I've missed a more specific subsection then please feel free to move this to the right place.

Look forward to reading your responses
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