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Senior officers RN, Army, RAF & reserves, local dignitaries, veterans and friends attended St Annes Cathedral Belfast yesterday at 3 pm 31 March 2011 for a very moving service regards the laying up of HMS Caroline's standard ( white ensign).

A de Commissioning service of the WW1 cruiser took place earlier at 2pm onboard the ship when the ensign was lowered for the last time after 87 years in the service of the RNR Belfast.

During the service HMS Caroline's last CO Cdr ME Quinn requested the Dean of St Annes Cathedral the Rev Dr H McKelvey : "Very Rev Sir I ask you to to receive this Ensign of Her Majesty's Ship Caroline for safe keeping in the House of God until such time as it shall pass to dust like those whose courage and devotion are enshrined in its history".

A final resting place of HMS Caroline will happen in the near future when the MOD will accept bids for the WW1 ship. At present UK City Councils of Belfast, Portsmouth & RN museum are interested in buying the WW1 ship for museum and tourist purposes.


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End of an era for HMS Caroline

1 April 2011 | Northern Ireland By Fiona Weir

It’s the end of an era in for the Royal Navy in Northern Ireland; HMS Caroline has been moored in Alexandra Dock in Belfast for nearly 90 years.

She has now been decommissioned as a reserve-training base.

The ship was built in 1914 and after seeing service at the Battle of Jutland she arrived here in Belfast in 1924 where she has remained since. In December 2009 the crew was decommissioned and now the ship.

Gathered on the deck of HMS Caroline the former crew watched as the ensign was lowered for the last time.

A traditional lying up of colours ceremony at St Anne’s Cathedral followed the decommissioning and the ships ensign was handed over to the City of Belfast.

HMS Caroline’s ensign now joins the ranks of military colours that hang in the Cathedral aisles.
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