Lax ligaments

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by becky_w_84, Feb 23, 2009.

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  1. Am hoping to join up soon and have my first tests next month.
    I remember an army doctor about 9 years ago told me I have lax ligaments, however my own gp told me there was nothing wrong with me.
    I'm active and have never had any probs with any joint whatsoever. I've found out that the Navy will fail someone with lax ligaments, will they still fail me if they also think I have joint problems despite it not affecting me?
  2. One of the lads on board had "lax ligaments" in his shoulder after an accident, every time he tried to salute he dislocated his shoulder.

    He was medically discharged.

    Its up to the Doc, pointless worrying about things you carnt do anything about, itll only put your bloodpressure up.
  3. Thats why you should always buy quality. But lay off for a while before the medical .
  4. I've never dislocated anything I just get the odd click, but thats normal isn't it? :-I
  5. The question which immediately comes to mind is why you saw an Army doctor 9 years ago! Your handle ending in 84 suggests you were born in 1984, so 9 years ago you were 15 - were you in the ACF or did you just happen to see an Army doc in a hospital?

    Ultimately it comes down to diagnosis - if you have never dislocated anything or had any difficulty then you are unlikely to have a diagnosis and therefore will not have any problem at all.
  6. I have this patient in hand ,thank you.I knew that soon as joints were mentioned that it was prolly a case of a flash back to the first joint at 15,kids just won't listen
  7. I was 16 in 2000 lol!
    I tried for the army just as I left school and my home gp reckoned it was just an excuse for them to fail me as I was quite shy and withdrawn back then, he said he couldn't find anything wrong with my joints. I've always been quite flexible though as i've danced and done gymnastics.
  8. Fookin hell ive only just twigged at what your getting at there lol!!!
  9. Why would they need an excuse to fail you?
  10. It's a Liebour conspiracy. :wink:
    Don't recruit any barsteward and the Defence Budget will sort itself out nicely, by 2020 it'll be a Group 4 man and a dog and a Securicor armoured van for the heavy stuff. :D
  11. Good girl,you have now passed 50% of the aptitude test :lol: :lol:
  12. well i had nowt to worry about, they didnt even do a joint test on me at the medical and i passed with flying colours
  13. Lax Ligaments,
    Was he the bloke Superman sent to prison. :?: 8O :D

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