Launching EU Battlegroups

Launching EU Battlegroups

RUSI, 61 Whitehall, London.

25 June 2007

In association with the EU Military Staff, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Manpower Software

Since its emergence in 2004, the European Union’s plan to develop both national and multinational Battlegroups has become a major focus of the European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP). Each Battlegroup comprises 1500 troops and two of these combined arms force packages are now on duty at any one time, providing the EU with a ‘ready-to-go’ military capability to respond to crises around the world.

The Battlegroups have, however, received a relatively low profile in public debate and some have suggested that the force packages are so limited in size that they will bring no tangible capability improvement. There has, however, been a lack of sophisticated analysis of the effect the Battlegroups will have on the EU’s crisis management capabilities and instincts. Either way, further efforts are required in areas such as civil-military coordination to ensure the force packages fulfil their potential. This event will address the full range of issues associated with the Battlegroups and provide an opportunity to discuss future priorities for ESDP.

The conference will be well attended by foreign and defence policy officials from EU countries, armed forces’ personnel, defence industry representatives, officials from key partners (such as NATO), NGOs and academics. Participants will leave the event with a clear understanding of:

The development of the Battlegroups to date and the capabilities they offer;
The areas where further efforts are required and the steps that should be taken to bring about improvement;
The risks Battlegroup missions might encounter and how they can be mitigated;
The key priorities for ESDP to ensure the Battlegroups act as a springboard for further capability development.

Core themes:

Using the Battlegroups
Generation, Validation & Lessons Learned
Battlegroups & Capability Development
Strategic Planning & Political Will
Civil-Military Cooperation
Confirmed speakers include:

Vice Admiral Anthony K Dymock CB, UK Military Representative to NATO and the EU

Lieutenant General David Leakey CMG CBE, Director-General, European Union Military Staff

Major General Bengt Andersson, Operations Commander, Nordic Battlegroup

Ambassador Adam Kobieracki, Assistant Secretary General for Operations, NATO

Brigadier General Bruno Pinget, Commander, French-German Brigade

Andrew Mathewson, Director for Policy on International Organisations, UK Ministry of Defence

Roland Zinzius, Deputy Head, Civil-Military Cell, European Union Military Staff

Didier Lenoir, Head of Operations Unit, DG E VIII Defence Issues, General Secretariat, Council of the European Union


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