Launch at Anchor!!!! didnt know it could be done??

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by scouse, Nov 27, 2009.

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  1. Reading a book which shows a photo. 1962, Steam Catapult shot from USS CORAL SEA, CVA-43 at anchor at Yokosuka Japan of a FSH-2 33,900lbs McDonnell Demon
  2. Why couldn't it be done? if there is enough wind over the deck or the cat can get the a/c up to flying speed before the and of the flight deck then whats the prob?

    ... or am I missing something?
  3. Ark did it in Malta to prove she could. I think it was her Sea Hawks. It's in the Book HMS Ark Royal IV.
  4. Very intresting, the only one i ever saw in my time, was an AEW Fairey Gannet, free take off(no cat) at anchor, 66/67 Hms Victorious Puala Tioman iirc
  5. God I love that Plane! Ugly as sin but My old man Took me to Fulmar and managed to get me into the pilots seat - seemed like a long way down for an overawed 8 year old!

    Is there any truth in the story about the Rn trying to cobble together some airworthy Gannets before going to the Falklands in '82? One was left at Lossie after the FAA had left and a Crab told me that some very high ranking Engineer types were crawling around it.
  6. Dont the yanks have aircraft ready to go on their carriers? i remember seeing a tomcat ready to go on deck armed up in norfolk dockyard
  7. I no we was not at anchor but it was fun. and i remember Paula Tioman.
    The last free take-off on the vic, was when we got back to the english channel in 67. The FDO LtCdr Robinson. Did a Free Takeoff with the last AEW Gannet to go ashore. I was watch - on -deck with Port watch of the flight deck party. He was line up aft at the round down for an Axle deck launch. The Aircraft started to roll ok , But at about mid-ships she started to drift to port.
    as she passed the point wher the angle deck met the foreward part of the main deck it was obvious her port wheel was about to go over the deck edge. As the A/C past the Port side Frwd Twin 3.5 Turret the whel was just about over the edge.
    Luckly Robinson had gained enough foreward speed to keep horzontal and get airbourne on reaching the bow.
    We had just started to breath again whenCommander Air (Promoted to Captain some months before) Piped, "That is the last time we will attempt that". Happy Days
  8. - Nope.

    Theory of flight dictates that if a wing has enough lift then up - up and away!!!!!

    A carrier underway simply means tons more lift available for flight.
  9. Yes your right Fred, i was having a senior moment, it was Hms Hermes 68/69, at Anchor. ( I Had a pier head jump on that ship following the one on the Victorious) :oops: :oops: :oops:
  10. No Prob,s Scouse
    My senior moments seem to be getting more frequent, lol. Or so my Management (Wife) says, lol lol.
  11. hms bulwark, 1957, Bangor Bay , N.I. Gannet AS1, 812 squadron, ship at anchor, surrounded by pleasure boats. The gannet got a cold shot off the catapult, and ditched in the middle of the civvie boats, the crew were rescued by a cabin cruiser , I think some of the civvies thought it was some sort of exercise.
    The cabin cruiser crew after taking the gannet crew back to the ship, were taken up to the skippers cabin and lashed up.
    Happy days!!
  12. Or enough liftage coming out from the exhaust pipes underneath you :D

    Had to do a vertical take-off from the boat one day, as she was tied up alongside in Pompey. Of course, there was only enough fuel to get down the road to Daedalus before refueling and heading for home at Yeovilton. I'm told it caused a bit of a 'stir' around the dockyard 'cos the locals weren't used to lovely, loud noisy a RR Pegasus makes :male:
  13. Talking about the verticle TO's/Landings.

    Portland had her runway melted by the VTOLs in 't' early days prior to hardening the TO and landing spots.

    I can imagine the Pompey local going off on one regards a Harrier, they went on enough about our little Wasp disembarking from alongside!!!!!
  14. Yep, 21500lbs of thrust is certainly not good for tarmac and the new engines have 25000lbs. That's why all the pads are either concrete or, for the temporary ones, metal.

    We used to nip down to Portland and practice short strip work by doing rolling vertical landings (just creeping along and landing at 50kts to avoid damaging the strip and to keep FOD behind the intakes). This was all well and good until one of our 2 seaters went in there and the brakes didn't work quite as well as advertised. Our gallant heroes only managed to avoid the Martin Baker Club (second time for one of them) by chucking in a bootfull of rudder and went careering round the bend onto the helo spots alongside the runway. Fortunately, the whirly-winged machines were committing aviation, so the spots were vacant and provided a decent stopping area for the two, who now had strange smells coming from their immersion suits. Apparently the outrigger tyre marks were just a couple of feet from the edge of the wall and subsequent harbour. 8O

    Funnily enough, our Portland landing jaunts stopped after that.

    See what happens when you make an innocent remark. Some boring stovie has to swing the lantern and start spinning dits. :D
  15. Summer 1960 Grand Harbour.

    Ark launched 2 Scimitars while at anchor of Fort Ricasoli, plus an Gannet on a Saturday afternoon.

    They landed at Hal Far, while those of us who were the shore party of the Squadron immediately left for B'Bugia, to avoid an unplanned weekends work.

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