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Laugh at the old Pictures

Yeah, I know, i'm a right miserable barsteward.

Thought i'd lighten the mood somewhat and put myself in the chair.
No, they are NOT sepia prints, I ain't THAT old !!
All from around the 1985 mark.
Take the p155 guys, its free :D

Me getting my gleaming boots checked on HMS Belfast

Ooh, aren't I special!

Me in the middle with no badges. The one on the left of the phot in the front row is now a Captain (git! :) )

Sorry its a bit dark:

Special prize:

Something to keep (or not)

Enjoy laughing !!
I do :)


War Hero
The tall fella needs a haircut..... :threaten:

I figured you to be a lot older Lamri...miserable factor increases with age...
awww, bless.

Didn't realise cadets got good conduct stripes, what are they for, not getting caught underage drinking?
AfterSSE said:
The tall fella needs a haircut..... :threaten:

That tall fella did 12 as a gunner now runs his own *ahem* "security consultants" ;)
Funny old thing, he went away for a few months, came back V brown and bought himself a flat. For cash. And runs iron man too :)
Ooh, I got one of the missus i'm gonna scan in a bit, "on the QT" ;)

As for you TeaBagging me Rince, that'll be when someone else has got the kill as usual then :D


Lantern Swinger
Lamri said:
Ooh, I got one of the missus i'm gonna scan in a bit, "on the QT" ;)

As for you TeaBagging me Rince, that'll be when someone else has got the kill as usual then :D

We will see about that then tonight - on the field of honour.

well - strike at karkand

Lamri, I keep thinking you're older than me, but actually you are A LOT younger. In 1985 I started my former job with my current employer, and stayed there for 22 years. I've just moved on to a post dealing with the public - working part-time (for health reasons). Now Morgan-Giles... that name sounds very familiar! Wasn't he still MP for Winchester then?

PS: You looked very cute.... :lol:
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