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as something of a thinker, I was considering how under used my school latin exam was.

Then I thought why not take some popular mottoes and translate them for thsoe on Rumration that they might benefit from my munificent wisdom.

Royal Family
Dieu et mon droit
God keep the poor at bay

Everton FC
Nil Satis Nisi Optimum
Statistics say we're less than good

Eton College
Floreat Etona
May Etonian's be effeminate

City of Edinburgh
Nisi Dominus frustra
No humous in the Deli

Turris fortissima est nomen Jehovah
Fit birds and Jehovahs Witnesses not welcome

Information Technologists

Oxford University
Dominus Illuminatio Mea
Who stole my crayons?

University Sheffield
Rerum cognoscere causas
You're not from round 'ere, are yeh?

Scot's Guards
Nemo Me Impune Lacessit
Nobody gets to drink my lactate

Semper Fidelis (often shortened to Semper Fi)
Often touching ourselves

Per Ardua ad Astra
It's hard doing nothing

The Canadian Infantry
Excuse me?

The Royal Army Medical Corps
In arduis fidelis
Time for your prostate examination

The Jesuit Order
Ad maiorem Dei gloriam
We control everything

The Olympic motto
Citius, altius, fortius
Excercise causes flatulence

The Wine Guild of England
Gustibus mens dat incremntum
I am drunk and need to eat a kebab

The Scuola di applicazione, School of Applied Military Studies, Italy
Doctrinas bello aptare
Surrender is the best option

Veni, Vidi, Vici
I came, I posted, I fcuked off


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My archaeology course fills in its spare time with odd bits of Latin. (we dont get out much)

RBO - KakLatin

We also gave ourselves Latin names:

1. Spurious Dubious Bogus
2. Phallus Orifice Bestialis
3. Sensuous Luscious Gorgeous
4. Languorous Slumberous Stuporous
5. Dilatious Formentious Adulterantious
6. Libelous Nefarious Villianous Perfidious
7. Intemperous Bibulous Inebrious Flatulous
8. Sumptuous Voluptuous Scrumptious
9. Lecherous Libidinous Salacious Lascivious
10. Vociferous Clamorous Obstreperous Boisterous
11. Dangerous Hazardous Jeopardous Perilous
12. Minimus Crismus Bonus

Or we could have a singsong

Donaldus est agricola,
euge, euge, o!
et in agris boves sunt,
euge, euge, o!
cum huc "moo moo", per illuc "moo moo"
ecce "moo", illic "moo", ubique "moo moo"
Donaldus est agricola,
euge, euge, o!

oves........."baa baa"
porci........"oink oink"
equi........."neigh neigh"
pulli......... "cluck cluck"
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