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Lantern Swinger
It was interesting to see the names W.O. Burbury and P.O. Hammocks in the latest Awards List.
WO Burbury (sp Burberry) took me back to post war Guzz Barracks where there were a lot of wartime W.O.'s
awaiting discharge. A very large number had been made up as Instructors.
The Main Gate at Drake sported a duty CPO and Armed Guard whose job was to salute the officers as they came in and out. Wearing a Burberry it was difficult for the Chief to know their ranks unless they had scrambled eggs on their peaked caps. Deciding who should get a present arms caused problems with many of the older looking WO's qualifying and the younger looking Lt Cmds not.
Many were the complaints to the Commodores Office.
The WO's greatly enjoyed their final days and months.

Congratulations to all those awarded in this latest list
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