Latest Round of Defence Cuts (Merged Threads)

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by wurz, Dec 15, 2009.

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  1. Cuts

    Which H boat and sweeper are going?

    Times story
  2. Re: Cuts

    Which Harrrier Squadron is going? They might be RAF assets but there are over 500 matelots manning Naval Strike Wing.
  3. Re: Cuts

    Oh yes, the sh*t has really hit the fan. Old Bob Ainsworth reckons that we can't afford to wait for the SDR next year, so let's jus crackon and have an unstrategic one now:

    Pointless to speculate on which minehunter, but, just for fun, let's look at the H ships:

    ENDURANCE- pretty screwed, might be just the excuse they've been looking for to bin her

    ENTERPRISE/ECHO - pretty unlikely

    SCOTT - given that she's currently embarked on a round of "let's be HMS ENDURANCE down south, unlikely, as she's pretty well killing two birds for the price of one

    ROEBUCK - could reture her slightly early, but getting towards acceptable

    GLEANER - happy days are here again as the RN gets off lightly.

    Having said that, the real devil is in the detail. Cuts to military support staff open up the RFA can of worms again, but also and here's a real devil's advocate point, you could make a cae for putting the reserves into "military support staff", given that the distinction is being drawn between them and the front line. I know reserves are in the front line, but it's the kind of nice distinction the government would make.

    Anyway, like I said, speculation is pretty pointless, but as the announcements are going to be made today anyway I thought it's worth a punt.
  4. Re: Cuts

    Look what happened in 1982 after we announced the scrapping of the previous Endurance
  5. Re: Cuts

    Granted, but I did stress that, a, this is an entirely cost-driven knee-jerk UNstrategic defence review, and b, SCOTT is currently down there pretending to be ENDURANCE.
  6. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Re: Cuts

    I'm guessing 801 will never see the light of day again, as an officially formed Sqdn at least.
  7. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

  8. Re: Cuts

    The Beeb are now speculating that Cottesmore is for the chop and Harrier will be retired early.
  9. Re: Cuts

    Probably go back to 4 Astutes now
  10. Re: Cuts

    I would imagine Roebuck going, she has had her life extended once, seem to remember she was due to go earlier this decade
  11. Re: Cuts

    The cuts haven't even started yet; when 300 senior officers including a brace of Major-Generals have their collective necks on the chopping block you know it's serious. Even Les Berets Cerise are likely to be sacrificed as an airborne unit and revert to what they really have always been - good light-infantry.

    The real crime of Bliar's and Broone's Big Boy's Middle-East Adventures is that the core defence needs of the United Kingdom have been sacrificed for conflicts with nations that were never a threat to us.

    The clock is ticking now on the 2 aircraft carriers, the cancellation of which is simply a matter of timing. As the Beeb points out the funding for Afghanistan must be found within a budget that is already severely overspent.

    In 5 years time the UK armed services will be reduced to a component of the EU defence forces, hopefully with German generals and French cooks.

    The boys in Buenos Aires must be laughing their socks off.

  12. Re: Cuts

    Typical Jumper Tucker!!! :D
  13. Re: Cuts

    Couldn't agree more Bergen. As I've posted on another thread, we're now selling what's left of the family gold to purchase 22 Support Helicopter that are needed now, needed in fact years ago, which won't even get into service for another 4 years! By which time we will have no doubt withdrawn from Afghanistan.

    I'm so f**king angry I could burst.
  14. Re: Cuts

    I still suspect that “old†Labour let “new†Labour get on with their not conventional Labour stuff with that possibility in mind. This lot has achieved what the old Labour Movement, with its International pacifist leanings, failed to do in nearly 100 years.
  15. Re: Cuts

    Not a surprise that the cookie jar is well and truely fcuked. Under that cnut Brown as both chancellor and then PM, defence spending hasn't got past 2.7% GDP (the lowest since 1930, the Great Depression) even though there's been the two wars recently and we couldn't possibly ask the DSS or NHS to stop shitting money on paying scumbags to breath or computer systems they then scrap. Rant over.
  16. Re: Cuts

    currenty still planing 7 astutes, slowed drumbeat, higher overall cost, to lead into future Deterrent. As long as they want the future deterrent they will keep pumping out ASTUTES to maintain the skill base
  17. Re: Cuts

    Radio 2 news this morning reported that the Government had stated "...The first of which will be available and in use supporting our troops in Afghanistan by 2013" So do we see that as making a nonsense of any withdrawal of forces?
  18. Re: Cuts

    Just having a think about this one, The crabs have been working overtime on this PR stunt. Oh woe is us we are losing another base and loads of Harriers, (but right royally shafting the FAA).

    The media is up in arms at this one "The Poor RAF",and they are losing next to F**K all, a few crappy nimrods, and few useless Tornados and the worst of the Harriers.

    Cottesmore is not a patch on VL. Wttering is a toilet, that belongs to the Burghley Estate, and would cost millions to return to its natural state. Plus has 2MT and other crab "overly Important" units are there.

    Bet the air-staff are sleeping soundly tonight.
  19. One Mine hunter and Survey Ship to go

    Does anyone know which ships are due to be retired "early"?

    Considering how in demand the mine hunters are this seems crazy....

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