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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Allnightin, May 21, 2007.

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  1. Tallies with other info. The MG2 submission has actually passed IAB and the defence management board (or so I was told in ABW) - the delay has been in getting MinDP to get approval from his bosses - ie it's ALL political, no procedural hurdles left to overcome. Having been held to ransom by MinDP, VT and BAES are getting some retaliation in by putting the ball firmly back in his court - no CVF order, No ShipCo.

    All this over a relatively simple ship that if the budget had been correctly reforecast seven years ago (when it became apparent that the ship would not be a 40000 tonner) would be well in build by now.
  2. Turning into quite the fiasco isn't it?
  3. I think it "turned" some years ago! They are really making an absolute @rse of what is not a particularly complex ship. Beedalls point about "interdependent problems" is well made, but it's actually worse than that. They're trying to design the ship down to thelast level of detail when some of the aircraft info, let alone that of support shipping is not yet known. Rather than do something sensible, like make an assumption based on experience (and with an eye for through-life margin), the project appears paralysed unless it gets specific info - not least because the Alliance threatens "contract variation" every time even the most minor change is proposed.
  4. Been a fiasco for a while.

    Too much governance, and not enough decision making.
  5. And there in lies the problem… Rather than design an aircraft carrier to take 'naval aircraft', they have decided to design the whole thing around a specific and rather limited plane that may or may not actually make it into production.
  6. Having read the article, I'm still trying to figure out what business experience and even more importantly for us, what military knowhow he has: Lord WHO ? Must've read a Biggles book at Eton........
  7. Biggles? In that case I think you mean that he has more military experience than the rest of the cabinet put together??
  8. When I first read Drayson, I immediately thought of Vacuum cleaners, then realised that was Dyson. Shows you how ell known he is................
    CVS? Never going to happen.
  9. Haven't we had CVS for quite a few years?

    I do think that CVF will happen, as it will benefit Labour seats... but whether it will be as good as it should be for that price ... :money:

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