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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by Naval_Gazer, Mar 5, 2008.

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  1. For those without access to the signal or other sources, the latest Supplement to the London Gazette lists those from all three Services who have recently been awarded the LS & GC medal or clasps thereto. Link here.
  2. Never heard of this before - how long's it been going on ?
  3. For as long as sailors have been completing 15 years or more of undetected crime. Are you saying no one ever told you? :sad1:

    (Good one though :thumright: )
  4. Learn something new everyday, thanks
  5. I should also mention that the list includes recipients of the Volunteer Reserve Service Medal for our RNR and RMR friends.
  6. Well I never!
    As a holder of both the LSGC (RN), and the Territorial Efficiency Medal (awarded after 12 years good conduct), I'm amazed. As a hoarder of insignificant bits if paper I would certainly have obtained a copy of the supplements in which my name appeared had I known.
    I can only echo 5dits sentiments.
    I never heard it mentioned during my 38 years total service!

  7. good old Diif won't allow access!
  8. i'm on this one


    shame really as i got my medal 2 years late, due to JPA and an old Divisional officer forgetting to ask for it, even though i asked him about 4 times
  9. All is not lost. If you go to the online Gazette's 'Advanced Search' page and enter enough detail, you should be able to find any entry with your name. You can then print it off or purchase a copy online.

    The London Gazette also contains announcements of all officers' promotions and appointments plus honours and decorations for all Service personnel and civilians. Matters affecting Service personnel generally appear in the MoD supplements instead of the main editions. In the old days, Royal Navy announcements in the Gazette were issued by the Admiralty. Just for interest, try selecting 'World War II' in the Historic Event box under Date Search then type "Royal Navy" as the 'exact phrase' under Words. You could be fascinated by what you find.
  10. Thanks NG. I'll have a go at that when I have some spare time.
    Worthwhile advice as usual!

  11. Well i never knew about this before , will give that search a go later ,
  12. Never heard of this in 25 years service, will have a dabble later when I'm not on a DII terminal!
  13. I have tried searching for my entry using my surname, official number, dates and LSGC and get nil returns.
  14. Ditto, put in my rate too as a long shot and that only went back to about 2002 for other CT's, not sure why.
  15. LSGC medals didn't used to be listed in the London Gazette - was quite recently that they started. I'll try and find out when.
  16. We have a thread on here about your official numbers and because of Op Sec we couldnt put them on there,but you have the full works on this list !!

    I looked at all the Official Numbers and I felt very very old :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:

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