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Whats wrong with the floor for the safe-keeping of the precious Koran and headscarf like all good Matelots.
Why dont they include a nice little holder for my Tennents Special Brew can, 'it just disnae fit chief'. :pukel: :pukel: Always spilling it at the traffic lights.
I bought a mobile phone in Dubai this year that had, amonst other things, a function to tell you which way mecca is, and to tell you exactly when you need to pray. Suffice to say, both functions are turned off.
Since we're stereo-typing here ... wouldn't it be a bit obvious if all car bomners drive the same make and model? Quite convenient - some would say!!

chrissz said:
hobbit said:
With age ,will 'they' become ' old bombs '? or will that term become explosive too .
More likely to be "old bangers" :)
Yes , in Oz old cars are known as old bombs so bomb/banger much the same but the former fits in with the terrorist style vehicle . Not likely to use the term too often these days. Such jokes don't go down very well I believe.

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