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Terrorists kidnap action figure?!
The US army is investigating a picture of a 'US marine' who supposedly has been taken hostage in Iraq. They believe it might actually just be an action man doll.
An Iraqi militant website posted the photograph of, what they claim, is a kidnapped United States soldier. Doubts about the authenticity of the photo quickly arose.


No soldiers are missing according to the US military and the man pictured on the photo closely resembles an action doll made by a company called Dragon Models USA.

Spokesman Liam Cusack said: "It is our doll... to me it definitely looks like it is. Everything the guy is wearing is exactly what comes with our figure."

After searching their website I came up with this picture. The figure's not black, but his clothes match the clothes in the hostage picture.
Hard to tell from the quality of the snap, but a couple of things look a little dodgy to me:
I'm not up on modern gear, but I've never seen a tactical vest that looks like that, and....
why let him keep it, smoke grenades and all? If I had captured someone, the first thing I would do, is strip him of his gear.
Plus, the M-16 aimed at him doesn't look like it has a mag in it.

I looked at Dragons' website, and they do have alot of realistic action figures.
(Including "Mel", the Royal Marine!)


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Good point there BY, it ain't 'normal' once captured to leave somebody with any kind of weapon they can use against you (even a dinner knife) and more to the point, was I one of those 'baddies' I'd have purloind the grenades to return them 'with intrest' to the rightful owners! After all whilst they may have plenty of ammo using the oppersitions against them is not only economical its poetic!

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