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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by sgtpepperband, Jun 16, 2008.

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  1. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Read this piece of news with interest...


    And the first thing I thought of? :oops: :evil:


  2. Just as the services wear a uniform appropriate to there service so criminals working out their sentence in the community should wear a uniform appropriate to their status. Unlike the pictures posted by SPB they will of course be able to remove their uniform when not engaged in their public service.

    One of the reasons that there was not the level of drunkeness and anti social behaviour when I was young was the very high risk there was that if one was picked up by your local plod you would be in the magistrates court on Monday and your name and picture in the local rag on Thursday. Today if you get pissed you have to work very hard to get the plod to arrest you and even then all that is likely is a very private fixed penalty fine. Public shame and humiliation works, lets use it much more.
  3. SPB - an interesting post and worthy of discussion but the inclusion of pictures of Jews dressed in accordance with the requirements of the Nazis is not in the best of taste. There can be no comparisons between having to do a little community service whilst wearing a high vis bib and being arrested, beaten, raped and having all your possessions taken before being worked and starved to death if they didn't stick you in a gas chamber first.

    I am all for naming and shaming. I agree with Maxi that we used to do it and it had a psychological effect in making people [but not everyone] not want to re-offend. Unfortunately nowadays the law seems to favour those who commit crime rather than the victims of it and often the offenders seem to benefit from more favourable conditions than they put upon those they commit acts against and frankly it needs to change. Free holidays or iPoDs to encourage better behaviour, no imprisonment because there is no room and few if any other restrictions and all this whilst the victims are still recovering in hospital, saving to replace stolen items or cowering in their homes because they are too afraid to go out anymore.

    There no longer seems to be a deterrent to make offenders think about before they act. Most of the time they are unlikely to get caught because there aren't enough Police resources and those who are caught are rarely prosecuted because they system can't cope with the admin [which is the result of years of building layer upon layer of red tape onto our legal systems] or there isn't enough evidence because witnesses are too scared. Punishment should act as a deterrent rather than some warped form of badge of honour amongst the petty criminals or chavs.

    What happened to "if you can't do the time, then don't do the crime"?


    PS: The threat of a good public thrashing might not go amiss either.
  4. In reality punishment is the consequence of doing something wrong and being caught. The deterence is being caught, not caught and whatever the potential punishment may be it is no deterent.

    The reason we have drunken louts making town centres no go areas for decent people later at night is because they don't get caught rather they are helped home most of the time. If being D&D on Friday or Saturday night meant siting in the drunk tank till whenever you hearing came up on Monday a lot fewer people would get pissed so far out of their minds they attract attention from the plod.

    The same really applies to the teenage scrotes that hang around your local shops and hurl abuse at any one with the temerity to go near them.

    I remember being told once by the local asst Fiscal that for at least half the D&D charges no punishment was needed as the fact the individual got reported in the local rag was enough to ensure no repeat.
  5. According to the Bishop of Motherwell the picture at the bottom never happened. Mind you according to my Jesuitical RE teacher at secondary school, the Holocaust only happened because Christians were fed up with Jewish demands for rights, etc. Sound familiar? :roll:

    Actually I disagree that it is bad taste. Jews and Roma were seen as criminals undermining society as were gays. The wearing of stigmata (yellow star, pink triangle etc and combinations) defined the lack of any legal protection for those groups wearing them and the legitimacy of society to do as they pleased with these groups targetted for elimination. Once we start making young offenders wear black inverted triangles on their clothing, how long before the public start committing hate crimes against these people for personal grievances, egged on by disreputable, populist, political or religious opportunists?
  6. Regrettably they were different times Maxi. Back then you would also probably take a battering from your Dad for the bad behaviour too. Now the offenders would phone childline or the Police who would arrest him and probably end up being denied access to his kids by social services.

  7. My local newspaper still does the "Name and shame" thing every week citing their name, the crime, and the punishment due to them.
  8. I don't think any one is suggesting they wear the 'mark of cain or whatever' permanenbtly, just that whilst doing their community service they wear an appropriate and reconisable uniform. Justice must not only be done but be seen to be done.
  9. Surely a gentle duffing up behind the bike sheds would suffice? ;)

    Perhaps a pin-striped suit would do plus proper hard shoes that need breaking-in, a rolled pink umbrella and a bowler hat? :biggrin:
  10. Easy,forget uniforms,any one sent to prison on day 1 get a huge tattoo on the forehead with the word "SCUM" in nice bright ink!!!
  11. Just when is this country going to toughen up with its scum and improve life for all the decent folk?
  12. Branding would be better,more painfull and not easily removed unlike tattoos. :thumright:
  13. Yup, the Jersey Evening Post (Or "Beano" as I call it) does it here too. Partly because sometimes stuff all happens here and they have to fill up the pages with something :)
  14. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    ...I remember walking up the hill to Mutley Plain and saw a convenience shop window plastered with mugshots of all the banned 'customers'; had a little chuckle to myself! :thumright:
  15. I recall my ould Nin telling me that many years ago, when her old man, my Gran,da, got tanked up and arrested, he was kept in the Bridewell overnight, sleeping it off in the Jail Yard with dozens of others, and she had to report there and get him released by bringing her Rent Book with her to get it stamped by the Bridewell Sergeant, that had the whole household stigmatised by the Corporation of the City as a household of troublemakers. You were defo marked then.
  16. Snag at the moment with a lot of the trouble makers being under the magic age of 16 --can't be named --juvenile panels and community
    panels and of course the social workers .

    They are getting kids on adventure holidays these days if they are
    caught ''misbehaving'' the days of Borstals and D schools are out .
    I think they found that the Borstals and young offenders institutes were
    like criminal 'finishing ' schools ------you came out as a real trainee
    for a life of crime.

    :nemo: :nemo:
  17. Taggers on Community Service (Cleaning off graffitti) in ??? somewhere in the North Island of NZ, now have to wear Pink vests with 'Tagger' printed on.
    Bleeding hearts already on bandwagon "The poor dears will be stigmatised for life etc etc etc."
    It's easy you don't want to wear a pink tabbard? DON"T FECKIN SPRAY PAINT MY FECKIN FENCE!

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