Latest Awards of LS&GC, MSM, VRSM, etc


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@Ninja_Stoker just a thought how many bars do you have to your LSGC?
None. I got my LS&GC, completed my 22 then joined NCS on an FTRS contract.

You aren't eligible for further LS&GC awards on FTRS but requalify for the VRSM after 10 years, even though you aren't technically a Reservist. I'm actually overdue a bar to the VRSM (5 years) but, as ever, the powers that be are having another rethink on eligibility, so I reckon it'll be another 5 years before they find someone capable of making a decision.

In total, 38 years completed with no crime detected, no bars but an LS&GC and a VRSM held.
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