late 18th century procedures

Discussion in 'History' started by Brimstone, Sep 13, 2012.

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  1. Can anyone help me with these questions please?

    They're all about the late 1700s.

    1. A rating on Defaulters Parade.
    On a sixteen gun ship, would the Captain hear the case or would it be the First Lieutenant or some other officer?
    Obviously the defaulter and the Master at Arms would also be present, but would there be anyone else? If there is no MAA on such a small ship, who would carry out those duties?

    2. Dress.
    What headgear would a recently pressed man wear (if any) and would a rating wear his hat during a hearing?

    3. Form of words.
    Do anyone have the form of words read out prior to commencement of a Court Martial sentence, in this instance a flogging?
    Who would do the reading?

    Many thanks.
  2. No defaulters as all matelots were all Christian saints in the 1700's
    2. Headgear wasn't the norm for average jack tar only officers
    3 not many could read only the officer classes in the main.
    so in conclusion Sgt P is likely to be the authority or Witsend who I believe can read and write
  3. Of course, how silly of me. ;-)
  4. First Lt heard the charge, referred to skipper, punishment awarded, Chief Bosun's mate does the reggie bit, bosun's mate does the flogging.

    Words at the start of hearing "you're fucked"

    Words at start of flogging "This might sting a little bit"

    Broadside. Crime and Punishment
  5. Thanks for the link Wrecker.

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