Last surviving RN LST of WW2 looks to be doomed.

Looks like HMS Stalker is for the scrap yard. A real shame.

She's the last of her kind that served with the RN and served long after WW2 as a sub tender.

I'm highly suprised Pompey dockyard haven't shown an interest, given her ability to show off the RN's big part in D-Day.

She really ought to be preserved for posterity. Once she's gone, an important part of Navy and world history goes with her.
As an ancient former wafu I seem to remember going out to hms lofoten for deck landing practice. The tank deck had been plated over for use as a flight deck, down below the tank deck was used as a garage for the crews moter bikes,
I presume that she was of the same class??
Has anyone seen Stalker recently? She's not for the scrapyard, she's in the scrapyard, unless Harry Pound has suddenly become some sort of preservation philanthropist. Unfortunately, as the failure to secure Vengeance, the ongoing troubles with Whimbrel and Plymouth show, Joe Public gives not one fourth of 2% of a flying f8ck, unless there is some appropriate tabloid outrage (eg Victory).
My first draft out of training in Derry, 1962. Seamen & Stokers had the messes just forrrard of the big after mess, bunk space on starboard side. Tank deck was full of workshop equipment and torpedoes. Our role was to support the conventional boats. In the event of war, we were to be towed to a loch on the NW coast of Scotland to avoid the boats having to transit the Foyle. During the Cuban Missile Crisis, the tug was ready at Lisahally. Great draft, left there with enough shirts to outfit half of Devon.

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