Last RN VC passes away.


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Very sad and a very brave, dynamic man.

My sincere condolences to the family. I have had the privilege to have met one of his son's several years ago (and had a few beers with, when he worked in London).

He told me his father sold his VC and bought a house with it so his children could share it equally. Whether he ever bought the original back, I don't recall- he told me this around 1988.
The term "hero" is over-used these days but Lt Cdr Fraser was one, and if he traded on his bravery to provide a decent future for his family then I'd say he was more than entitled to. RIP
Ninja_Stoker said:
He told me his father sold his VC and bought a house with it so his children could share it equally. Whether he ever bought the original back, I don't recall- he told me this around 1988.
It's now in the Ashcroft collection, which I believe is going on display in the Imperial War Museum at some point.


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pompeyexpat said:
It's now in the Ashcroft collection, which I believe is going on display in the Imperial War Museum at some point.
Thanks for that, much appreciated- so glad it's going on public display, I hope to see it.

The funny thing was I first met his son through a mutual friend who worked with him, in a pub after work.

His son said, in a broad Scouse accent (I'm originally from the area also): "You're in the Navy?", "Yes" I replied.

He then said: "My Dad was in the Navy during the War. He was awarded the VC"

"Oh really?" Said I, not even believing him remotely. My friend told me he was telling the truth. I checked the surname "Fraser" and was stunned to see it was absolutely true.


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a sad passing. deepest condolences to his family.Lt.Cdr Fraser and L/SMagennis were my boyhood hero's and my inspiration to join the mob.Some of you old farts must remember the stories in the boys comics in the 50's about the hero's who served on the X's. Iknew when I was in primary school where I wanted to be when I grew up from reading about these great men. I salute you sir. Rest peacefuly.

Another legend is laid to rest. He and his crew, and those who accompanied them, were true heroes in desperate times. Long may they be remembered.
Rest in peace Sir.

very shocked to hear of ians death. met him numerous times and i know a lot of the old and bold from eaglet will be gutted, especially paul hedgecock. first met him during boa93 ,had i few drinks with him at birkenhead rna when i was in rig after a parade and he was a fantastic character. the rnr has lost a great man. r.i.p old friend. my thoughts are with his family


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Received via Submariners Association

I have spoken to Ian's son, Tim Fraser, about his families wishes. He cannot let me have the funeral arrangements until tomorrow but is quite emphatic that the funeral service should be strictly a private family affair so there will be no requirements for standards to be paraded. Themessage being - no fuss. I can quite understand this as Melba herself is quite frail now and couldn't physically stand that kind of pressure. There will however be a Remembrance Service at St. James Church (where Ian and Melba were married) in New Brighton at 1500 hours on Thursday 11th September 2008. All are welcome to attend that service. There will be a reception later in the Grove Hotel, Grove Road, Wallasey Village, following the remembrance service. I will supply you with details for floral tributes and the the delivery> address once I have received them.


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From the same source...

Further to my e-mail of yesterday there has been a slight change to arrangements. Speaking to Ian's son this morning it seems that his mother
having slept on her previous plans would be very proud to have standards, guard of honour etc at the remembrance service following the private funeral service on the 11th September. I would ask everyone to respect the families wishes and ensure that the commital service itself remains a private family affair. I have asked Dave Barlow (Submariners Association) if he could arrange for the national standard to be paraded with our local ones and Dave has kindly agreed to progress this.

I have been in contact with FOSM's office to request the presence of a representative to attend the remembrance service on his behalf and I await a reply and confirmation from his Flag Officer.With the Commander having Scottish lineage I am currently arranging a piper for the> laments entering and leaving the church and for a bugler to play the Last Post.

The remembrance service will be at St.James Church, Victoria Road, New
Brighton, Wallasey, at 1500 hours (follow M53 signs for New Brighton Station and the church is close by). Rig of the day will be blazer and slacks or> suit and medals should be worn - muster will be at 1445 hours for all submariners attending. All are then cordially invited back to the Grove Hotel, Grove Road, Wallasey, for a reception and drinks. This is ten minutes> from the church and is quite easily reached

(I have edited the message to exclude a private address.)


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Ninja, sadly too far for me to travel, my thoughts will be with you as I'm sure will be those of one of our branch members, who must now be one of the few surviving X craft men.


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In answer to your posts which originated from me as Secretary of the Merseyside Submariners Association I can now confirm that RASM will be attending the aforementioned Memorial Service at 1500 hours on the 11th instant. I am sure that a very large number of the officer fraternity, past and present, will also be in attendance as will many submariners and the branch standards from across the nation. Add to that all the civic dignitaries from local and county government this is going to be a grand and fitting tribute to a national hero.

Taking into account the Commander's Scottish lineage we have arranged for a Pipe Major from the Liverpool Scottish Regiment to play the laments and a bugler for Sunset and the Last Post. Whilst this will be the full Montezuma from a Naval and SA perspective we have to bear in mind that the order of service has been arranged by the family and we cannot exceed their wishes. We are looking at the possibility of a contingent of serving submariners from HMS/M Astute attending the memorial service as the link between the old and the modern submarine service. This is currently being progressed and I will keep you informed as to the outcome.

Members of the Submariners Association will form the guard of honour at the entrance to the church for his widow and family. This will include as many WWII submarine veterans as their health and mobility will allow on the day. Rest assured that Merseyside will accord this occasion the fullest attention, detail and respect that it deserves on behalf of the late Commander, all submariners, and indeed the service and the nation.

Yours Aye

Red Sailor
The demise of a very brave and honourable gentleman. My condolences to his family and many friends.


Lt Cdr Ian Fraser VC DSC RD* RNR
(18 Dec 1920 - 1 Sep 2008)

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