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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by boxy, Feb 25, 2010.

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  1. Whoever has the last post in this thread wins!

    Hey, look I'm winning!

    original thred by colander :D
  2. How threaders must OSD be? He put his heart and soul into being the winner, and ninja broke his heart.

    Ah well, I win.... ;)
  3. Ahhh you dirty sod, i was on my way to see if anyone had bet me to it! And well, you did :(
  4. 8O loser! :D
  5. Rotten, you are!

    A dirty, low-down, lousy rotten stinking rotten!

    You are the rottenest rotten in Rottendom, that's what you are!
    (With acknowledgements to AB Barker of 'The Navy Lark'!)

    It should have been mine!!

  6. Adrift yet again, OSD? :cry: FAILED! :twisted:

    (That thread was getting too full of Witsend's excrementals - so it was bound to become blocked at some time soon)

    Amazed to see Ninja posting there, though.

    Whatever next? Soleil? 8O
  7. ... And you're rotten as well!

    Ganging up on an OSD like that.

    Rotten, you lot are - rotten!

  8. i wonder how long this thred will last untill is locked
  9. Check yer PM's Bob. :)
  10. :oops:

    Cheers, Pat.

    Noted & wilco.

    Bob (The Capitalist Pig: Not to be confuselled with Bob-the-Animal-Farmer :wink: )
  11. Gen dobry Comrade 8)
  12. You were there, you lot were!

    HMS Troutbridge, Portsea Island, 1957.

    And, according to CPO Pertwee, you are still rotten!

    If you weren't there you shouldn't be here :twisted: :twisted:

  13. i have just seen the most horible thing on the internet.....and if you think its 2 girls 1 cup, then think again.....its called 1man 1 jar....anyone hurd of it?
  14. Did you see that?

    ...................I WIN..............
  15. No I didn't, Jen

    ... And no you're not!

    I am :twisted: :twisted:

  16. ladys and gentlemen boy and girls i bring you 1 man 1 jar for your own twisted pleasure.

    WARNING: Im not kidding when i say this is bloody wrong so if your eating, have a weak stomach or anything then dont watch this.

    actualy its going into DL's
  17. ... And???

  18. im winning!
  19. ohhhh yes I am!

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