Last post I promise!!

Hi first off I want to thank EVERYBODY that has posted an answer to me so far.. I really appreciate it!

Now my last few questions are as follows,

Origionally I wanted to be a RM, but slept on it for a few days and decided that the submarine service would provide me with better qualifications. and I know it sounds silly but I was wondering if there is a comparable level of comraderie between that of the Royal Marines and the submarine service? Also I was wondering what qualifications would 4/5/6 years in the submarine service leave me with.. (I want to be an ET/ME/SM) ? Will I achieve a HMD Or just a HNC? Or neither..

Also what's life in the submarine service like? And what will my job entail after training both onshore and underwater? Is trade training similar to basic training with the focus more on engineering and such?

Is the submarine service like the Royal Marines, ie, all a big dick size and drinking competition, before after and during training I mean is it fun??

If anyone could help answer all these questions, and I know there's a few, I would be forever grateful... Cheers & thank you...
Perhaps it is time to stand on your own two feet and use the site search facility where answers to all the questions you ask can be found.
Does a reply count as a post!! Oh no!

How will I ever go on! I can feel the walls closing in.. I'm a liar.... I AM A LIAR!!
allow me to come to your rescue Sea-man. A politician caught in the same dilemma as your self would say " when I said it was my last post what I meant was it was my last question on the subject but not my final contribution to the conversation"
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