Last one, i swear!

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by snapdragon, Oct 25, 2006.

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  1. Fitness test tomorrow, any last minute words of, er, advice for me?

    I'm aiming at 13 minutes so that gives me a bit of leeway. I'm planning on running at 12kph, then perhaps droppin to 10.5kph for a water 'break', then if i'm up to it, 13kph to wrangle some time back. If i run at 10.5kph i should be able to make the maximum time. So if all goes to plan, i should make good time. Hope i don't get any dodgy pains, i'm hoping the thought of never having to do it again on a treadmill might spur me on.

    I might buy one of those energy gel packet things, if only for the placebo effect! Yes, i am useless at running.
  2. This may not do it for you but when I was in training for POLC i used to picture a rather naked


    waiting for me at the end of the run, whereupon we would retire to a jacuzzi, where George would massage my aching limbs and then he would gently carass my .....

    oh sorry!
  3. Hi Snapdragon , I'm not a PTI but I have 23 Marathons under my belt , what you are planning is called in the running world FARTLECK , it's a swedish word and means literaly running as fast as you can for a certain period then slowing down for a wee while for a breather then back to as fast as you can , so on & so on , works very well for distance runners , when I was at Mountwise I used to run from there to the Tamar Bridge every lunchtime , [summer & winter], can't do it now as I broke my leg in 3 places [thats another story], but I used to love it , your only going to do a short distance but no reason why it should'nt work , it does take disipline though , let us know how you get on , best of luck , hope you crack it 8) ,
  4. RC, Are we back onto exploding pussies again? :D

    I've got a long list of things to think about. Like what to get Boyfriend for his birthday. I might try to imagine some fabulous sex though. If i've got something to look at -anything- then i might be ok. If i've nothng to look at, i might start looking at the monitor which always gives me sideache!
  5. He looks a bit like me Rosie , what did you want carressed :roll:
  6. Cheers Dondon, i do plan on dropping speed for a while, because it's difficult to drink without choking while you're running your nads off!

    Funny how we don't have words for some things! I like that Swedish word.

    I was doing great until i had that pain as a setback last week. Now i'm a bit afraid it'll happen again, but i know i can do it- no issue there, i just need a good plan and a few placebos to boost my confidence. I feel silly for all this because it's hardly a marathon, it's 13 minutes of pain at the worst, even i've had worse than that (Being punched HARD in the stomach for 20 minutes non-stop.... huuuuuurl)!

    Cheers for the feedback though!
  7. If it's in your heart you'll do it , dont think of the pain , wear an I Pod and play some good music , I used to love the theme tune to Chariots of Fire , very inspireing , good luck once again , :lol:
  8. I'm not lucky enough for an iPod :( And my Walkman's broked :( Maybe i can get a good Kerrang! radio reception on my mobile :)

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