Last Known WW1 Veteran Dies in Aus

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by trelawney126, May 5, 2011.

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  1. RIP, stand easy sir!
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  3. RIP shippers and thank you!
  4. Gone but not forgotten. RIP
  5. Very nice epitaph on the national BBC News....At last some news that was unbiased and told as it should have been.
  6. Magda

    Magda War Hero Book Reviewer

    Was lucky enough to meet Harry Patch at the Menin Gate a few years ago, one of many extraordinary men who suffered a great deal for us.

    RIP Charles. Bet you'll be glad to see "the boys" again. =-)
  7. RIP
    The last of an extraordinary generation.
  8. RIP Old man.... and thanks
  9. Raised a glass to Chuckles last night at our RNA meeting and realised I was in the company of 2 D Day veterans,8 WW2 veterans,2 from Korea,1 Falklands and numerous other conflicts. Save me a seat in the mess Chuckles, so I can sit with my shipmates,ones I know and those I have yet to meet. RIP Shipmate
  10. According to the Australian online, top navy brass led by Vice-Admiral Russ Crane, along with the Defence Minister Stephen Smith and West Australian Premier Colin Barnett attended Claudes funeral.

    Link: Final link to the Great War is broken | The Australian

    R.I.P. Claude.

  11. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    So Australia has the Ashes back.

  12. RIP last of the WW1 legends.
  13. Just what I said after watching the BBC was very touching - what a life, and what a generation, as others on here have said, amazing people. Long may we remember.RIP. x
  14. Have recently downloaded and watched 'The last voices of World War One', Harry Patch one of the featured interviwee's, how lucky were you to meet him, you must feel honoured.

    YouTube - ‪Last Voices of WWI - A Generation Lost‬‏

    YouTube - ‪Harry Patch & The Lost Generation of WW1‬‏

  15. The thing is nowadays we live in a country with extreme divides in our society.
    We have the scumbags at the one end, and unfortunately there are many of them, but I firmly hold the view that they do not as yet form the Majority of our youth.
    At the other end we have the type of youths that will step up to the mark, even at times of ongoing conflict, some with more noble a reason than others, but still there. In betwixt these two poles, you have the greater mass of the young, who although not inclined to join and serve in the normal course of events, would I am certain come forward as in days of yore, as did the generations of two wars before them.
    The horrors that were thrust upon the old contemptables with so uncomplaining acceptance, would not I feel be met the same, but then again their life style at that time did not embrace the creature comforts that we take for granted.
    The reason extremists in the middle east are so dogmatic to their cause could be laid to the fact that life is all they would loose in their fight. And if that life holds nothing for them, and their faith promises more than life could ever offer, little wonder they fear not loosing it.
    Hence the expression, "He who has nothing, has nothing to loose."
    And I was always told that he who holds his enemy to be weak and easy, gains no credit in their own victory.
    Now as this is getting to sound a tad cheesy, its time to wind it in.
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  16. Wise words M8 and so true, listening to them tell their stories I was moved to tears, to them fighting and dying for their country was the only thing to do, not a thought of asking why....they just did it, I think todays generations would not follow as blindly and that must be a good thing, but I do believe they would, you only have to see the patriotic fervour during World Cups and Ashes Tests, something very British indeed. Strangely while watching the programme even though I knew they were now all dead to actually see the date of their passing really upset me, was a blubbering mess after each episode, maybe thinking of my Grandad who was invalided out of the Somme just before the Big Push, trench foot saving his life bless him.
  17. Believe he put his longevity down to R.N. Blue line smokes and Pussers rum.
    he cross decked some years back.
    The R.A.N. is a dry navy much like the yanks.
    Not so sure that it is a good idea.


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