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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by george12345, Apr 3, 2013.

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  1. Hi i need to find out the lengths of service and also the correct procedure if I wanted to leave during the 12 week training course. I was asked this today and did not know and I have to go back for another interview in a months time. A link to a website would be good.thanks
  2. According to the website, 'you'll generally join us for a full career which is 18 years or to age 40, whichever is sooner'...'if you want to leave you will have to submit 12 months notice but must first complete your return of service, which varies by branch'. Soooo what branch are you looking to join? Not sure about if you want to leave Raleigh, I am sure that someone will be on with a sarcastic answer for you soon, or else is is probably on the RN website somewhere? They won't expect you to know things that are not accessible to you.
  3. PS. Good luck :D
  4. Blackrat

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    Now now Rachel. You'll put the poor chap off this site with such fibs.
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  5. Shucks!!! She knows us so well!!!:laughing5:
  6. And to the OP, if you do 12 weeks at Raleigh you've already been backclassed. Phase 1 is 10 weeks long.
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  7. If you want to leave Raleigh its mandatory you complete 28 days training after signing on

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  8. During day one at HMS Raleigh you will be invited to sign your contract, a copy of which you will have been provided by your AFCO so there is no excuse for not reading it. Before you sign on you will be asked a number of questions regarding any changes in your status, tattoos and such like. It will also be explained to you that should you sign on then you will be required to serve at least 28 days excluding leave periods before you can claim right to discharge. If after the 28 days you decide the RN is not for you then you can claim Premature Voluntary Release up until you have served six months. This bit includes leave periods. It can take up to two weeks for the necessary admin action to be taken in order to discharge you. If you do claim PVR then you will have to pay your own way home. Your long term right of discharge will also be explained to you and you will then swear an oath to Her Majesty the Queen and sign your contract. After that you will then go and get your hair cut if needed.

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