Last Fifty - A Missing N_G Post?

A curious case of a missing post....

The above thread was opened by Soliel and dated "08-07-11 16:33".

The first (and only visible Post) by Sol, was apparently edited by her "08-07-11 at 16:40.

BUT - At 01:59 12-08-2010 I see that thread is listed among the Last 50+ as follows:

<<Digital version of 'Royal Navy Matters' (Broadsheet 2011)

Replies: 0 Views: 19 Last Post: 14:48 by Naval_Gazer Forum: The Quarterdeck>>

My question is 'Whatever happened to NG's 'Last Post of 14:48' ?

If he has deleted it, fine and understood. But if not, then where is it, please?

Ordinarily, I wouldn't have noticed or queried such an anomoly - But, as N_G is one of our most reliable posters, I would hate for one of his valued contributions to have been sunk without trace.

Sleep is being lost here :wink: Perhaps we could be told?

No mystery, Bob. I opened a new thread in the Quarterdeck forum with a link to the digital Broadsheet 2011. A Mod must have then merged it with Sol's earlier thread in the Fleet forum whereupon I realised my own post was unnecessary. So I deleted it.
I merged them myself to make one coherent thread, but definitely wanted N-G's comment to remain. I should like to undelete it, if I may, as I value N-G's input on topics like this one a great deal. Undeletion only takes 2 seconds.

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