Last day of 2012

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Sumo, Dec 31, 2012.

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  1. Where will you see in the new year drunk or sobbed and who with?

    I will be in guzz with her in doors may be at a party may be at home
    Party I will drive so sobbed at home can have a few bevies 33rd New Year with Mrs Sumo

    Second go at this with new blackberry play book toy fingers to big for the key pad

    Happy New Year to one and all
  2. And to you Sumo, I'll be indoors with wifey no doubt as we start our 32nd year together.
  3. Tescos car park Transit Way Plymouth this afternoon. It's like the fu**ing world is coming to an end. Half an hour to shop..........hour and a half to escape from the fu**ing place. Happy, Happy new 2013 to everyone.

    All my love,


  4. In with mrs JFH, junior JFH (she has both legs in plaster, bless her) and baby JFH (nearly 5 months).

    Having a Ruby from planet spice on the causeway in Godmanchester.

    Town council have promised fire works at midnight however as most of the parks are 5 foot deep in water I'm not sure where they are lighting them.
  5. I was thinking a nice cold beer while watching Countdown...
  6. Just switched over to Channel 4, after watching Portillo and his train journey through the French riviera, and its the battle of Midway, so up to the neck in AA pom-poms Avengers, oh well , later I expect will be a quiet wet and a look at the London fireworks. So a very prosperous and healthy 2013 to all !!!
  7. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    All the best to you all, a quiet one at home for myself and herself.
  8. ruby just demolished, and very nice.

    Happy New Year Shipmates. Hope 2013 is a good un for ya.
  9. New Years celebrations are baa humbug as far as Mrs.F/H is concerned so it will be just myself and a bottle of Pussers watching Hootenanny on Beeb2.Happy New year to everyone else.
  10. Happy new year to all posters everywhere....I've got a bottle of Laphroaig thats lived too long so tonights the night. :eek:ccasion7:
  11. Pussers!

    get the spare room ready we will be round in 10!!!
  12. Two bottles of champagne are waiting patiently in the fridge. One is for midnight here in France and the second for one hour later to celebrate with all our UK-based friends. Have a prosperous new year everybody and don't forget who wished it to you!
  13. Just typed a long dit and lost wifi so bollocks to it off to bed the right side of a good bottle of red and some good port

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