Last chance to look around Ark Royal

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by Naval_Gazer, Jan 13, 2011.

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  1. Pompey News: Last chance to look around HMS Ark Royal

  2. ''most famous ship in the world'' arse .:brushteeth:
  3. Which raises the question, other than "HMS My Arse" which is the most famous ship in the world? (current not historic)
  4. Maybe the Titantic?
  5. Was she the same class as the Titanic?
  7. Serious question. Why all the fuss and melodrama over a ship?, there will be others named the same, and what bit of history did this one touch that makes her iconic.
    Give her to the submariners to practice on, they seem to be quite neutral about sticking tiger fish into pieces of pussers ex fleet with very little sentiment.
    The only difference between a carrier and any other wagon is size, and unless your FAA that can work against you.
    On the other hand I do find the razor blades they make from them very useful.
  8. Rummers - To paraphrase the famous Rolls Royce idiom, "If you need to ask, then you'll never understand."

    (But I think you know really ;P)
  9. I tell you in absolute honesty before I had a heart attack I was quite sentimental. However I now sincerely believe that it is a waste of time as hoarding treasures only invokes a need for others to scrap your treasure......but their junk. They then feel obligated to treasure things that mean nothing to them out of respect for you and not the "icon".
    Most people in Britain given a choice to have cheaper ( enter commodity of choice) or scrap the Victory would probably choose the commodity. It may be an icon to the Navy and their families and a good number of "others" but I would not gamble on the outcome of a vote. And no I don't propose we actually scrap it, it was mealy an example. To be truthful most of the country will not know what the Victory is within the next few years.
    I have had two of my favorite ships sunk, and another went to the breakers, and I may well have shed a tear, but I would cry harder if asked to stum up to preserve them all.
    I do not believe that this Ark Royal has any true claim to "icon" except maybe she is the last carrier. Very soon there will be a great many end of line ships given the trends in government spending and ideology.

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