Laser Surgery - What did you think?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by drunkensailor, Mar 15, 2009.

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  1. Hi, all.

    I know LASIK and LASEK has been discussed many times, especially with reference to Newbies.
    But I've just has UltraLASEK PLUS with Wavefront, two days ago. and I was wondering if any other users have had eye surgery too? What was your experience like?

    After two days' I can tell you I'm in a lot of pain (apologies if my speelling or grammar is poor, I can barely see the screen!), although after my checkup this morning I'm told that's the norm for LASEK.
    If anyone is thinking of having it done, feel free to ask questions and I can tell you what it was like for me.


    PS, Ultralase offer 10% discount for HM Forces. I had mine done with them, and they do seem to be the leaders in this surgery at the moment.
  2. Re: Laeer Surgery - What did you think?

    Hi! I haven't had eye surgery yet but it's something im considering. I've got a few questions if you don't mind? Was it painful? How long did it take from a consultation to surgery? and how much was it in total? if you dont mind. Hope you feel better soon! :)
  3. Re: Laeer Surgery - What did you think?

    I had Epi-LASIK (similar to LASEK) and was not in pain but certianly uncomfortable for 2 months after the procedure. Could see well enough to drive after about 4 and pretty much perfect sight by 9 months. Keep taking your drops! I really liked the thicker lubricating drops (can't remember the name, was a few years back now) rather than the ones they prescribed initially. The chloramphenicol and the anaesthetic drops stung like a bastard too.
  4. Re: Laeer Surgery - What did you think?

    It was extremely painful for me. However, I've never worn contacts, so I'm not used to people playing around my with my eyes. Other people have said it was just uncomfortable, and some have said it was painless. Perhaps I just needed a few nice big cups of MAN THE F**K UP!! At the moment now it still hurts, and is like looking through frosted glass, so I shouldn't be looking at the TV or even writing this. But with LASEK it is supposed to take 5 to 10 days to heal and recover.
    I'm told with LASIK you can see well almost immediatly, with little or no pain, but due to the LASIK procedure, a flap is cut in your eye, which weakens it, so contact sports are a no-no.
    There's pros and cons for both procedures, but I figured LASEK was the one for me, since I'm on leave, with time to recover.
    I decided to have it done two weeks ago, so you can say a week to get a consultation, with the op a week after.
    I got mine done for £1500 an eye roughly, but I thibk it starts off about £3600 for the LASEK and £4000 for the LASIK. These were for the best packages, so with the 10% Forces discount, plus another £50 off if you've been referred by a friend, it cost about £3000 for my LASEK. It is a lot of money, and I know some places advertise from £395 an eye, but do you really want to go looking for a bargain when it's your eyes??!! You can't just one for one them at stores!!
    Also, at the moment they're offering 0% interest over 36 months, so it's working out about £83 a month. Not bad.
    As I say, it's only day 3 for me, but I'll post when my eyes are better!
  5. Re: Laeer Surgery - What did you think?

    Yep, that.s what they've rammed home to me. I've got three different types of drops to take, which I'm told is the key to a speedy recovery.
  6. Re: Laeer Surgery - What did you think?

    Where did you have yours done? I rather unashamedly went to Moorfields Eye Hospital in London as that's pertty much the best place in the country.
    5-10 days recovery? More like months pal. They'll stop hurting after about 2 or 3 weeks but your sight won't be passable until minimum 3 months. Hang in there!
    Get some sunglasses, that really helped me!
  7. Re: Laeer Surgery - What did you think?

    Ah well, I only went to the Ultralase clinic in Glasgow. I guess you really did see the experts! But Ultralase do seem to be very professional. My flatmate had his done at the New Year, exact same procedure as me, and he says he can't feel a thing now. He was driving up and down the line again two weeks later, which is what sold me. Plus you get a lifetime guarantee, so if they do deterioate, they'll correct them again. You're right about the sunglasses though, I wore them in a dark room all day yesterday and the day before., definately helps
  8. Re: Laeer Surgery - What did you think?

    Having said that, there is a Laser Eye surgery forum whick I was on last night, and there was a few scary stories. Time will tell.
    I'll see if I can find the link
  9. Re: Laeer Surgery - What did you think?

    I had Lasek with wavefront about three years ago. The procedure was done through Optical Express. My eyesight then was -5.25 with astigmatism, both eyes. I didn't have any problems with the procedure although the smell of burning was a bit odd. Both eyes done and dusted in 15 minutes. For a few days afterwards my eyes felt gritty and uncomfortable but I didn't have any real pain as such. Until one night one of my eyes dried out and upon opening them I tore a hole in the cornea, which was bloody painful. I got myself down to my local Optical Express store where they sorted me out, but that eye took a little longer to heal. My eyes were sensitive to light for the first few days but I was able use my confuser and watch a bit of TV. After about a week or so I was back able to drive. My eyes have continued to change a little and I have some slight astigmatism returned so I intend to pop back for an eyetest and see whether it's worth having a follow up procedure. There are risks with any surgical operation but eye surgery is one of the safest of surgical procedures with hundreds of thousands of laser surgery operations having been carried out over the years. I did post my experience on one of the forums but I can't remember which one, so can't provide a link.
  10. Re: Laeer Surgery - What did you think?

    I hate to burst your bubble chaps but there was an article in the paper today stating that Laser surgery isn't a lasting solution. 10 years at best apparently with many people reverting back to wearing specs after just a few years, some as soon as 3 years.
    It can be re-done though.
    I don't know about the rules in the Mob, but for some jobs it isn't allowed due to affecting night time colour vision.
    Worth checking first I reckon.
  11. Re: Laeer Surgery - What did you think?

    This is true and it was fully explained to me before I went for the procedure that that could be the case, and would not prevent the deteriation in sight that affects most people as they age.
  12. Re: Laeer Surgery - What did you think?

    Yep, most people need reading glasses when they get into their 40s anyway - surgery or not.But it is an elective procedure, and not a 100% guarantee. That's just the chance you take, and they do make it clear to you before hand. Ultralase does give you a lifetime guarantee, that if it deterioates significantly, they'll touch it up again. I suppose you only have so much of your lers to play with, but the majority of patients seem haapy.
    On the subject of the Mob, sickbay clarified for me that the only restrictions are pilots, divers, bridge watchkeepers and the like. You can be medically downgraded temporarily, but the majority of branches are permitted to have it done
  13. Re: Laeer Surgery - What did you think?

    Edit to last!
    That's for people already in the RN. I believe peolpe who are joining hace to wait a year after the procedure before applying.
  14. Re: Laeer Surgery - What did you think?

    Would in the RN be currently in training before commission or would that be fully commissioned?

    Just a curiosity as I intend to get it done asap but my finances are steadily getting ready to fund it!
  15. Re: Laeer Surgery - What did you think?

    A word of warning guys.

    To those in Service: we have still not decided on the safety profile of laser eye surgery, although a decision is not far off. Some options are better than others: in general terms, the more expensive ones are better. It's also recommended that High Street laser eye surgery is avoided: the training of the surgeons is not guaranteed. Eye surgery is becoming more mainstream: it's something I am considering but I am not willing to take the plunge yet. If you lose your night vision then you will have to branch transfer at best and possiblyleave the Services.

    To those thinking about joining: be careful. For the sake of waiting a while until we have a firm decision, don't jeopardise a career in the Forces.

    From a common sense point of view, and as already eluded to above, eyesight deteriorates in the 30s anyway. If you are in your late 20s, then there's probably little point spending in the region of £2000 for 10 years without glasses / contacts.

    Sorry to be a party-pooper.
  16. Re: Laeer Surgery - What did you think?

    I'm no so sure on that one, my contact lens subscription sets me back £15 ish a month, that's £1800 over 10 years and for the hassle they cause i'd gladly pay an extra £200 for that time.
  17. What do you mean by before commision? At Dartmouth, or before joining Dartmouth? I'm not an Officer, so I don't know how the training pipeline works....

    I would say, if you're already wearing a blue suit, then get it done at the start of a main leave period, which leaves you with a couple of weeks to recover. If you haven't started initial training yet, then I would wait until your equivalent of phase two, when you have a bit more time to yourself.

    The last time I posted on this topic, I was still recovering, as the bad spelling shows! So that gives you some idea of how you'll be affected, and why you need some time to recover.

    It's been two months since I had my eyes done, and now I'm really pleased with it, money well spent, and now my eyes are near perfect. I'd highly recommend it.

    Also, Ultralase give a 10% discount to HM Forces, that's who I had it done with.
  18. Yeah I'm going to begin training (Dartmouth) in the near future so the advice above will be followed and I will wait.

    Glad to hear about your success drunkensailor! I will be following you in taking the plunge but as said before its probably best to wait until the decision about it from RN is set. Plus Im training for E(IS) so it might be better to stick with the geeky glasses look haha.

    Sorry to be lazy as there is probably a link somewhere but does a link currently exist to an official RN page regarding Laser surgery in the services?
  19. Hello..

    Photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) and laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis (LASIK) are two similar surgical techniques that use an excimer laser to correct nearsightedness (myopia) by reshaping the cornea. The cornea is the clear outer structure of the eye that lies in front of the colored part of the eye (iris). PRK and LASIK are two forms of vision-correcting (refractive) surgery. The two techniques differ in how the surface layer of the cornea is treated. As of mid 1998, two eximer lasers (Summit and Visx) had been approved for laser vision correction (refractive surgery using a laser) in the PRK procedure. Since then, Visx, Summit, and other lasers have received approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in LASIK procedures.......

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