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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Brummielad, May 6, 2008.

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  1. As some of you know i want to join the royal marines however i am pretty sure my eye sight in my right eye will not meet requirements. I basically rely on one eye i can see out my right eye but its hard to explain but anyways its not very good at all however my left eye is i beleive to a decent enough standered.

    I am seriously considering getting laser eye surgery and doing a few boring years at college and then joining up when my vision is better although looking through some posts it seems the forces are not to keen on laser eye surgery just woundering if this is true.

    Also anybody know what surgery i would have to undertake LASIK etc.

    Any replys would be great.
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    It's all covered in depth here

    Good luck.
  3. Alright BL,

    I was in a similar situation to you regarding laser surgery, I had LASEK treatment last April and my unaided vision is now 6/4, S1 standard (tip top), the healing went real well and I have no problems at all with my vision (I was previously short sighted with a prescription of around -2.5).

    Don't forget you have to wait for a year without complications before going through with reapplying.

    I'm in the process for applying as officer and had my medical at AFCO earlier today, all went well but I'm now awaiting the for the OK from Gosport for my application to progress to next stage.

    Feel free to pm me with any other questions about it.
  4. Matey I had Laser Eye Surgery around 10 years ago and have never looked back since. Mob have never had any problems with it! In fact the only people who I've heard can be funny about it are SOME fire brigades.
    I had Lasik surgery, and had to spend a week in a darkened room with no telly and no books. Each eye was done about a month apart too. BUT I hear that technology has come along leaps and bounds since then, and was chatting to someone recently who had both eyes done at once and was able to drive home afterwards.
  5. My one eye is fine so i wouldnt need both doing so hopefully i can get it sorted and then join up.

    Is there anyway to speed up the process or does everybody have to wait on a long waiting list?

    Cheers for the replies lads.
  6. I couldn't really comment on waiting times for going with places such as ultralase/specsavers/vision express although it's worth giving them a call to see if they can give an approx time.

    As I went private the waiting time was much less, yes it's more expensive but the treatment and care you get before, during and afterwards is second to none, and you only get one pair of eyes as we know.
  7. I had my eyes lasered about two years ago. I had wavefront LAZEK treatment through Optical Express. I wasn't able to drive straight away afterwards but was about a week later. Very few side affects and probably one of the safest and most successful operations you can have. Absolutely no regrets.
  8. I used Ultralase, and seem to remember getting an appointment almost straight away. It's in their interest to get you through the door as soon as possible. The service was excellent too, both before and after the op.
  9. By the sounds of it it would be a worthwhile investment now i just need to raise the cash. Im waiting for an appointment to go to the hospital and check suitability and so on so hopefully it doesnt take too long.

    Gutted about you have to wait at least 12 months after surgery to apply but i would be 19-20 if thats the case so not a too bad age to try join at.

    Is there any side effects?
  10. Is it true you can get a treatment called something like 'wavefront' that actually gives you better vision than 20/20? This might be aload of bullshit but I heard some sport personalities, one of which Tiger Woods had it done and it improved his tea off :S

    It can seek out tiny imperfections in the cornea that are present in people with perfect vision and corrects them.

    Like I said, might be bullshit but it's what i've heard
  11. I was lucky enough to suffer none myself (only a painful 24 hours after initial surgery) The surgeon always runs through the risks which is just mandatory procedure to cover themselves etc.

    They tell you there's always a chance the surgery may not improve your vision at all but is extremely rare as the technology and amount of surgeries being performed keeps the surgeons right on top of their game and is a very simple procedure for them.

    Glare at night is a common effect worth noting, although rare.
    Dry eyes - sometimes in a morning the eye can feel quite dry and sore but does fade after time.

    One thing worth noting is the weaker your prescription the more risk there is when having the surgery done (I believe the upper limit for treatment of myopia through LASEK is -7.50) as they have to go deeper into the cornea in order to treat it fully, a prescription of around 2.00-4.00 should really pose a problem although you will be told all this on your consultation.

    This site shows the differences of LASEK to LASIK
  12. The only side effect I suffer from is sensitivity to light. On summer mornings I tend to wake up early because the sunlight shining through the curtains. I was also warned that there may be something called a halo effect where you look at a light at night and it has a halo shining around it, and this could have implications when driving at night. However these are very rare and I never suffered from it. My eyesight has been 20/20 since I had the op. No more arsing about with glasses or contact lenses either.
  13. I went for an eye test today. It is now over two years since I had my laser op and my eyesight is currently 6/5 individually and together better than 20/20. Before I had the op my eyesight was -5.5 in both eyes with astigmatism.
  14. I really fancied having my eyes done to save wearing specs to read small print, but as I have what is termed a 'safety critical' role I was told that if I had the op' I would be off the job as apparently it can cause night time colour recognition problems.
    I'll have to stick with the specs but the job is worth it.
  15. Alright Reaper,

    Not experienced that myself but there are always possible 'side effects' after eye surgery, usually why a 12 month wait is required before application/entry into the RN.

    What is it your 'safety critical' role entails?
  16. Well Ant, I got fed up with the Op's I was doing and left the Mob and did a few things before joing the Railways where I now drive trains. The eye sight thing is all about seeing signals in the dark.
    As for the job by the way, it's as good for a good laugh as the mob, quite a few ex service types too so the sense of humour fits. (And you still get to kill the odd person if your into that)!!!
    For anyone about to leave the mob I can honestly say it's a great job with fantastic pay for a 4 day week and you get the best seat on the train.
    Stay safe mate!
  17. As long as you don't use the London Underground TIF Brake (Train In Front.)
    NZB (Ex LUL OPO Driver and ASLEF Layabout. :thumright: )
  18. My eyes are 7.25 long sighted, does that mean that even if i had laser surgery i still wouldn't be able to apply?

    That's my whole life plan gone if that's the case...
  19. Are you that chap from phone jacker? Will you be asking us for our "personal banking details next"?

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