Laser eye surgery whilst in the Navy...

I know that prior to joining the RN, you are allowed certain types of laser eye surgery but must wait at least a year and have a thorough check-up before being medically cleared. The question i would like to ask is, what is the deal with laser eye surgery if you're already in the RN? I've asked a few people who have looked into it seriously as an option but received slightly conflicting information. One person said, that you can have it done (all be it, certain types) but you must sign a waiver in case you are medically discharged due to eye troubles at a later date. The other chap said you don't need to sign a waiver if you have laser surgery done; i find this hard to believe though. Another naughty chap admitted to having laser surgery after entry to the RN but simply neglected to tell anybody (i wouldn't consider this a serious option). Any further information would be much appreciated, thanks.


The rules have changed a bit as its a lot more accepted now than it used to be. Not sure of current rules though - will find out next time I hunt down a DII terminal. In general terms, you get what you pay for so more money = more experienced surgeon = better result with fewer complications.
Thanks angrydoc, any information would be appreciated. It's not something i'm looking to do in the next few months but definitely something in the long term. As far as cost is concerned, I've always said that I would never scrimp on cost when considering my own laser eye surgery. I would definitely opt for the Rolls Royce of laser eye surgery jobs.


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Whilst appreciating it's different for those serving, for those yet to join the rules have tightened and candidates yet to join must undergo an approved type of surgery, be over age 22 and 12 months clear of surgery - assuming the pre-operative prescription was within accepted parameters.


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I had my eyes lasered 3 years ago whilst in the mob. I sought medical advice as was aware that it was not previously allowed however the Forces Discount book carried a 10% off voucher for serving members(which I took full advantage of saving me over £200!). I was told by PMO's at both Drake and Nelson that although the technology has come on leaps and bounds and the risk of surgery going Pete Tong has reduced it still was not recommended. If there is complications the mob will hold you accountable and this could obviously jeapordise your career and pension(V important to me as I was 18 months away from completing my 22!!). I had it done on a Saturday and was back onboard as OOD on the Tuesday! Had to wear protection to sleep and some dryness/irritation but all good. Like Angrydoc says-you get what you pay for!

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