laser eye surgery whilst in the navy

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by matta12, Jul 4, 2009.

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  1. Hey I'm thnking of joining the navy my eye sight falls in to VA 3. I have 2 questions.

    1. Can you have laser eye surgery after you have joined the navy say 4 years down the line?

    2. What woould happen say afta 8 years of survice ur eye sight worsend to below the -6 diopters level required to be in VA 3?

    Thanks for any help. Matt
  2. Once in service the Navy does not allow you to have laser eye surgery. Provided that you eyesight is OK on joining and that it doesn't deteriorate so much that you can not see then the RN will normally allow you to continue in service.

    There are potentially options to get surgery prior to joining, but if you think about going down this avenue. Please contact your careers advisor for advice before proceeding with any surgery.



  3. I've done a search for 'laser surgery' and get this..."Your search - laser surgery - did not match any documents." Despite the fact that there is a thread link in the Health and Fitness forum exactly about this. Perhaps something the COs ought to look at as a site issue if the search function is not working as it should.
  4. Thanks so say if your eye sight dropped jus outside VA 3 afta a view years of survice you would likely still be able 2 stay in the navy
  5. Yes you are unlikely to get thrown out unless it is really bad

  6. don t suppose any 1 no s if marinne engineering is VA 3 as this is wht iv applied for thanks for any help.
  7. I daresay they do.
  8. ET (ME) is VA 3 and CP (Colour perception) 4. These are the lowest eyesight standards to join the RN.


  9. Thanks for your help you have been extermly helpfull
  10. that would explain a lot of the gronks the stokers dept seem to trap... they're all fcking blind!

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