Laser eye surgery and the RMs


First of all, apologies for another thread on the topic of eyesight!

I had laser eye surgery in May (LASEK) and now have 20/20 (6/6) in each eye and no problems. My worst eye previously was -6. I have since began to consider a career in the Royal Marines but was originally unsure if they would accept me after having had it done. I have read the posts on here, the pdf that has been posted detailing eyesight standards for specific roles and also looked at the RN/RM website but I'm still not 100% sure as to where I stand. I have also been to my local AFCO where I asked about it....I was given a couple of sheets of paper which outlined the RNs position with a couple of bits highlighted and told to "...think carefully about what I wanted to do...". By this I think they may have meant to not mention it further and blag it if I joined, but I can't say for definate.

Can anyone clarify:
a) if I would be able to get into the marines?
b) if it would prevent me from doing anything once in?
c) if anyone thinks it is possible and advisable to not mention it and get in, if they are not ok with lasered eyes?

Much appreciated.
Still not sure where to stand and you have had your eyes done....
Are you sure you are on the right website????

I would have thought with your currentstandard of sight (20/20) you would get in okay..
I'm not 100% sure, but i believe there are a couple of different kinds of laser surgery and the RN only accept entrants who've had the older kind (because they are more sure of the long term effects). Keep us posted!


I've been considering Laser eye surgery and looked it to a little bit. As fuzzy as my answer is they don't accept the version where they cut the cornea. Something to do with a higher chance of tearing due to impact. Best thing to do is tell them at medical/AFCO and see what they think? No one I've asked is ever certain. If you find out let me know!


Thanks all....the version I have had is LASEK, (as opposed to LASIK) which is newer than LASIK (I think) but is a variation of an older method. It doesn't cut into the cornea (LASIK does), a layer of cornea is just peeled back and repositioned after lasering, which then heals fully.

Although I have read all the bumf for the RN and RM I found that some of it seemed to contradict itself and didn't state definately what was and wasn't acceptable.


Cheers....I presume that the marines are considered as a "specialist employment group", and so Laser eye surgery wouldn't be acceptable for entry? ("...suitable prior to entry on a case-by-case basis for non-specialist employment groups...") :?

If it is not accepted, does anyone reckon it would be possible keep it under wraps?

I'm asking this from a hypothetical point of view, I realise that there's more to it than that and keeping quiet would probably play on my conscience quite a bit, and could be considered unethical or immoral not to mention dishonest and unprofessional.....any thoughts?! :?:

Much appreciated in advance.