Largs Bay


War Hero
Does anyone know what happened in RFA Largs Bay this morning?

Lloyds are reporting it as a casualty.

(But that could mean anything from a minor scrape to absolute wreck!)


War Hero
"The RFA Largs Bay had lost most of its ability to steer and was in danger of hitting Eddytone Rock, south-west of Plymouth.

Henry Purbrick, from Falmouth Coastguards, said the vessel had difficulties in steering harsh weather on Tuesday after a fire in its engine room on the weekend near Lands End."


Lantern Swinger
I've had a chat to some of the lads who were on Largs Bay during the incident and it was pretty serious by all accounts. She listed to 49 Degrees on one occasion and there was also talk of running her aground in order to prevent capsize. It could have gone extremely pear shaped apparently!