Largest aircraft to land + take off from a Carrier?

TheAaronP said:
Any ideas?

Largest ive seen is a C-130 -which is pretty huge for a Carrier!

Has there been larger?
Their was another thread about this subject sometime ago. Maybe someone could find it?? :thumright:
Think it was an A/C from in the 50 s ?? :thumright: if memory serves :thumright: but that c130 takes some beating :thumright:
When I was on the Massive (Enormous class CVSG) we landed a B52,
No arrestor hook and it took off without the aid of the catapult.
I remember one of the tyres was a little flat and my mate Smudge had to pump it up using a bike pump.
Look carefully and you can see the B2 'Spirit' stealth bomber coming off the ski jump. This recent hush-hush example of RN/USAF cooperation was considered so risky that four helos were deployed simultaneously as plane guard.


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