Large glass car-park coming?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by SONAR-BENDER, Mar 7, 2013.

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  1. Yes, I laughed when I first saw this reported on the BBC News website, but once I got passed the "typical wee gobshite threatening to take on all fuckers 'cos he is a rocket" bit, the bit that chilled my bowels was the threat to revoke the 50+ year ceasefire and return to a hot war with their Southern brethren.

    Last time both ourselves and our Septic cousins were involved, as was the sleeping Dragon from the North. Times have obviously moved on since, but with US troops carrying out combined exercises there every year (this being the time of year, surprise surprise) and very likely to be pulled into hostilities, what will be the Chinese response this time around, considering we all have so much more to lose economically as well as politically and militarily?

    Tub-thumping and sabre-rattling is one thing, to get a local populace to take their mind off their hungry bellies and shake a collective fist at all their (somewhat imagined) oppressors - it is quite another to threaten pre-emptive anything.

    And with China and Japan facing off over disputed island territories as well, it is a tad worrying.

    Or maybe I am just a chicken-licken.
  2. I think China now look upon that little gobshite in Pyongyang as the spoilt little kid next door, not worth risking their hard earned economic advantage over.
    ........but there again, I could be wrong..... move along the fence please.
  3. China is threaders with North Korea and has agreed sanctions, seeing as Korea depends heavily on trade with China I see a major face saving move being put forward by China. Failing that it's time to invest in shelters again.
  4. Seems a bit silly to lob a few "glass making machines" just over the border ... prevailing winds and all that means a good change of getting blow back (WAFU's rules!). Also not sure about the operating height of these things but if they ain't going far (as in not really intercontinental) then perhaps the "Patriot" systems (I can't imagine the Septics wont have the things set up) would take the things out almost before they cleared the North's airspace but perhaps I'm way off mark here.

    I wonder what the reponse from the Sleeping Dragon would be if they are threaders with the North? ... can't see that they would start lobbing ICBM's at us or the US as they have too much invested in the States etc and wouldn;t be able to recoup their losses (at least not for many many years) ... perhaps they would do the same as when Tibet starting getting uppity (agreed this was against themselves) but more likely to go in and take over annex it all bringing the North smartly under Beging rule??? Just a thought!
  5. I'm on the piss tomorrow and will probably call in Wong's on the way home.

    I'll ask their slant on it.
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  6. Might get a jaundiced view there, Guzz.
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  7. If you swing by, he's the one with the greasy grin over his dial! He's taking wong's up the Kyber :)
  8. Update on situation in Korea.

    Wong's was a bit busy and the bloke in ther kebab shop didn't have a clue what I was on about.

    I'll continue my research in the Spice Aroma when I go for my mid-week ruby.
  9. Keep us posted Guzz, .....these Anderson shelters are flying off the shelf.....cushty, my know it makes sense !
  10. Send in the killer puppets and waste the bastard.

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