Right i have a quick question for all you guys already been to BRNC or are there just now.

I have a laptop, it says in the book that you can take one if you wish.

Is it a good idea or a bad idea?

Surely there is not wireless internet there for people with laptops to get on the internet?
A guy I know already serving advised me to take one from the point of view that while you're stook doing your ironing all night, its good to stick a dvd in or something. When do you start?

You will also find it easier for producing some of your written work to have your own laptop - internet access elsewhere if needed but to be honest the library there is so wonderful you probably won't need the internet!
I had heard that it was a good idea to take one, to whack a DVD on while you're all doing your kit! Although some of the older and "wiser" RR Members thought this was silly when I mentioned it and YOs should talk to each other!

Take it lock it in your personal drawer, and get it out for DVDs!
When on any course requiring a reasonably large amount of written work, it is always a good idea to take a laptop if you have one, with a memory stick too as this makes it easier to print etc :)
Also good for DVD's :)
Kool advice much apreciated, I will certainly be taking mine, i join on Feb 25th for the fella who asked me.

What about getting internet access on the laptop, i have a wireless connection i could take will i get access does anyone no or is the library the only place to get internet access. Advce much appreciated!
Getting excited about going now! Not long.
Few more questions if people can answer them i would really appreciate it!
Power supplies, charging Phones and Laptops are these like one in every room one at every bed or what?
Again laptops if you are writing an essay or something like that are you allowed it on at bed time to finish some cramming or is there a strict policy on this?
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