Laptops in pubs?

Just come out of the Hospital chop shop and needed a brew,walked into my local and found three people sitting there with a laptop on the table.
They weren't with each other so tell me,surely this is not the way our pubs are going is it?
I can think of a few pubs where beer would be, accidentally,spilled on them.
I hope this is not the norm where you fill up.
They're probably just pissed up old ex-matelots posting bollocks on Rum Ration :oops:

Leave me alone y'bassa'ds... I'll have the fuggin' lot of youse...


Lantern Swinger
Same line but slightly pusser'ised;

Social interaction (shorebase).... compare

SR Mess RN... Mobile phones, jeans & T shirts are banned = empty bar
CPO Mess USN... Laptops are in full swing across the mess whilst wearing shorts, vest and wearing BB caps = heaving bar

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