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Laptop Theft - the utter brassneck of the MoD


I got my letter to, sorry to keep repeating.

What should I do? The letter was so bloody vague that it didn't help at all.
Got my letter yesterday. I was in the MOB for 9 years and left in Nov 07. I just find it amazing that records going back this far were on a laptop and not stored on a central database.


War Hero
I am still curious, after several weeks, has anyone who has replied to the mod letter received the actual details of what has been lost? I haven't...has anyone?


War Hero
I sent my data to them as soon as it broke, and still do not have my details. Has anyone had the details of what has been lost yet? I am not after the details, but just curious if anyone has been told yet????
hello rum ration, my first post!
i too received the same letter saying how very sorry they are for "losing" all of my personal information, which i must say makes the whole siuation ok...... yeah really
remember all that stuff they tell us about not disclosing to people outside family and friends that we are in the military for personal security, i know why not just give osama my address and phone number instead and while your at it he can use my passport dtails to get here and maybe use my bank account to get himsel some scran and a few beers before he slots me.
and these are the people that we aspire to become...................


War Hero
stumpy said:
I sent my data to them as soon as it broke, and still do not have my details. Has anyone had the details of what has been lost yet? I am not after the details, but just curious if anyone has been told yet????

Still curious.



War Hero
Re: mod said sorry!

I haven't received my letter yet. I'm beginning to feel left out.

mike007 said:
Des Brown is personally addressing the issue

In that case he can fcuking come and do my job as ITSO. And he can bring that twat with him who allowed his laptop to get nicked in the first place. CNUT. :rambo:
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